April/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Couple suggestions @HULK – is there going to be a clause where both players can VETO a map if they agree it’s not conducive to a good game? Also, it might me cool to save screenshots of the end state of each game and include them in the original post. Was looking back at old tourneys just now and realized that could be a neat feature going forward. Just have one of the players screenshots and post to imgur.

I recommend that all NP posts to Imgur should be added into (reddit) r/neptunespride , or tagged t/neptunes_pride , tagged t/np2 .

@TheLastHero - Yes, EITHER player can veto the map!
I actually spend a bit of time (and generate a number of maps) to try to get “good” ones. You’ll get to look at it beforehand (it’s not a dark galaxy) and weigh in if OK. I basically try to insure no big gaps and lots of contact points … so battles in multiple areas that requires some strategizing.

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@xjhdexter We have a subreddit, how about that. Had no idea lol, good to know. Agreed we should tag all images there.

@HULK Awesome, we should be good then! I kinda assumed you made sure the maps were solid but couldn’t remember.

Makes sense… unless the green guy were to get a 1st seed bye on round 1… :smiley:

Per first post, Tournament brackets are posted (I randomly seeded by length of username) and first round game links are posted. Please check the maps to see if they are acceptable and that the game params are correct - let me know if you want a different one … but these all looked pretty decent.

Please be sure to join YOUR game (will PM password) and remember that once the game starts, it can NOT be paused … but you have 48 hours to make your move in case something comes up in RL.

Having said that, please try to submit more frequently than that … and once the turn advances, try to make your subsequent move to keep things moving. You’ll find it’s quite invigorating to have a game of NP move along this fast!

A reminder to take your time to map out your first moves - I’d recommend a fair number of carriers … and be careful about spending all your money at once.

Report your results here and I’ll update the brackets and setup subsequent games. Remember that it is double elimination … so even if you lose the first round, you can come back!

Have fun and good luck … except when you are playing the Jolly Green Giant! :wink:

Sweeeet. Thanks again for organizing!

Malcolm, may the best species win :slight_smile:

FYI @TheLastHero and @xjhdexter that I’m going to let you (or others) decide if screenshots of the maps are worth posting. Note that you may want to do one at the START of the game … since at the very end, it ends up being lopsided as one player eventually gains control and steamrolls.

Yes, great and at the same time exciting to make first move. So many decisions. I love it but end up spending to much time on it. Looking, making plans, looking again, new plans… submit. Time to breath.

Good job @seg722 jumping in … and LOL that 12 hours after I created the game, you and @Karmadrome are already 30 ticks in! :wink:

FYI that everyone has joined their respective games except @Sammy and @MalcolmReynolds - let me know if something has some up for you guys that would prevent you from playing in the tournament … as we can swap @panblanco in as a substitute if needed.

Yeah swap him in for me, I thought the tourney was starting later. I’m full with my max of 2 games right now.

Yup, Nick and I have both joined but we haven’t submitted the first turn yet. Work is crazy right now with the pandemic so I’m having trouble playing during the day… WFH should = free time for NP in my opinion haha.

I’ll get my opening moves in this evening.

Since @Sammy is already in two games, @panblanco has taken his place.

En garde! :slight_smile:

Yes, all that real life work is taking up time.

Someone should have warned me that HULK is a monster. Feeling the hulk smash right about now.

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LOL … and we are having quite the spirited game as @panblanco came out swinging from the start and knocked me down initially … but I made a couple of wily moves aided by a miscalculation on his part (happens to the best of us) so have a bit of a lead. So putting on the HULK SMASH to try to keep him down!

@HULK is indeed a monster, unfortunately that is one hell of a baptism by fire @panblanco. Luckily you get a second chance (not against @HULK you’ll be please to know).

Lol, that’s exactly how I’m feeling. I didnt even have a clue for how unprepared I was. Probably the best way to learn though.