April/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Glad to see y’all are still at it, looks like an exciting pair of games. I wish there was some sort of spectator mode, would be lots of fun to watch more than just the stars changing colors. We’d run the risk of intel being shared to opponents… but what if spectators could only see ship and carrier movements in the zone where both players’ scanning overlapped? That might work.

Think y’all are gonna wrap this up before 2021 lol?


@TheLastHero that is a great idea on the shared scanning for spectator mode!

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I agree a spectator mode (others can ONLY see what BOTH players can see) would be awesome - believe I suggested this to Jay a couple of years ago.

BTW, in my previous post, I said the @Karmadrome versus @MalcolmReynolds game was at Tick #168 - 168 is actually the total stars in the game - D’OH! :wink:

At Tick #174, @Karmadrome is ahead 84-81 versus @MalcolmReynolds … but he is trailing in Economy, Industry, Science, Ships, and Carriers … so my guess is could go either way … and appears to be a “bruiser” of a game! :wink:

Those warp gates are expensive :wink:

A lot of back and forth smash action between @Karmadrome and I so far, but I’ve built some momentum over the last half-cycle, at the cost of some warp gates, fortunately about as many of his as mine. :slight_smile:

That’s a pretty wild game you guys are having - at tick #234, @MalcolmReynolds is barely leading @Karmadrome 84-82 … but he is ahead in all the stats and has TWICE the Science … but only leads in Scan and Terra.

Recall that Science is cheap (to try to balance out just being an Indy-fest) … so I’m curious how that strategy is playing out and/or if you guys think any parameters should be adjusted.

I think the parameters are fine the way they are.

can ya’ll contact me for the next 1v1? I wanna take part in some of this

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When we have another 1v1 tournament, I’ll try to remember to ping this thread.

Speaking of which, here’s an update on the current game.
@MalcolmReynolds now leads 85-81 over @Karmadrome in tick #288.

The winner will advance against @nick.muzzio … and from there, onto the Finals against the Jolly Green Giant! :wink:

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I’ll also join the next tourney! Ping me if I miss the post please!

…and against all the odds @Karmadrome takes the lead :rofl:

Seriously though, @MalcolmReynolds has played a great game and I have the cuts and bruises to show.
I’m still just about hanging on, but don’t expect that lead to last very long.

How do you make those mirrored maps?

@Golden_Ace - you have to ask Jay to enable your account to create Mirrored Maps.

Your prediction was accurate @Karmadrome as I just checked and @MalcolmReynolds is now up 87-80 in stars at tick #336 … sounds like he is starting to put the HULK SMASH on 'ya! :wink:

Indeed, the steamroller action vs. @Karmadrome has begun. I hope he enjoyed his last taste of being “in the lead”. :smiley:

I’ve conceded. Good game, but @MalcolmReynolds had the better of it for most of the game and I just couldn’t turn it around. Well played @MalcolmReynolds.
Good luck to the final 3 players!

It was a tough game, from start to finish. Cheers, @Karmadrome! Looks like the next game hasn’t been created yet, so action’s to you, @HULK.

Sounds like a bruiser of a game … congrats @MalcolmReynolds against a very tough opponent - @Karmadrome has won the 1v1 tournaments before.

I’ve updated the first post and sent a PM to @MalcolmReynolds and @nick.muzzio with two choices to choose from for their game.

@MalcolmReynolds and @nick.muzzio choose this game - that’s quite an EPIC map! :wink:

BTW, while I’ve been waiting, I played a 1v1 versus Solfyre (no forum name of the same?) and he promptly kicked my big fat hairy green a** - D’OH! :wink:

He had a good suggestion that maybe if Banking was Cheap, this would balance that tech more and provide yet another “interesting” option for players to consider - seems like a good idea. Any thoughts/comments?

I like the idea, anything that makes it hard to decide what to research is always a good idea to me. analysis paralysis ftw!

@Solfyre? I think this is him lol.

I like the idea of cheap banking, could make things interesting with more viable options at the start.

EDIT: Ok he joined 5 hours ago, that explains it