April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

IMHO, stalemates are impossible in NP, because eventually players must play differently from each other.

Well, the defenders bonus makes it nearly impossible to break the stalemate (within a reasonable time frame) with locked weapons tech because when all border stars within striking range have 1500 ships on them, it’s virtually suicide to attack because you have to have an extra 500 ships for every assault. You can have a ton of variance in play and it still wont overcome that barrier.

I say reasonable time frame because eventually someone could theoretically gain an advantage, but I’m already growing tired of this game and it looks like it would take several hundred more ticks just to determine if someone might pull ahead…

As I said earlier, if @panblanco and @Dysp want to call it a draw, I’m OK with that … and yes, it does seem stalemated.

I’m game to call it and start a new map. @Dysp, what do you think?

Wanted to see a few more rounds, but I feel the same way. We could play another 400 ticks and the situation would not change. Econs and researches are even and defender bonus is so huge that any attack would be a total suicide. @HULK @panblanco If we can get a very tight map with lots of small gaps on projected border, we might have a better go at it…

@HULK , I wonder whether setting HW distance to medium would help to reduce playing duration & reduce some of the stalemate problems ? A lot of stars would be lost during map generation because they are too near each other though.

Any excess maps that you do not use could be shared on the 1v1 Friendlies thread.

Sorry the map didn’t work out @panblanco and @Dysp … rest assured I spent a bit of time trying to generate one exactly as you mention - fairly tight with lots of small gaps on the border. Keep in mind that sometimes the border is not “horizontal” … a good number of games end up being diagonal.

So standby as I’m going to use @Dysp’s excellent tool to try to delete a game in progress. If that doesn’t work, I’ll generate one manually for 'ya to try.

OK - so @Dysp’s tool didn’t allow me to delete the game in progress (which arguably is the “right” thing to do), so here’s a couple of maps for you guys to consider:
Password is “1v1” … so take a look 'em and if one is mutually agreeable, then “fight’s on!”

LOL some examples of not-so-good maps:

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@panblanco I might vote for the 1st or 4th on, but any map is the same for both so let me know… :wink:

I joined game 1. Seems alright to me.

Sorry for the delay…

No problem. I was busy for the last few days, I just jumped in myself. Should be more time tomorrow and afterwards to get things going.

Thanks for starting your game @panblanco and @Dysp - I have updated the OP to reflect the stalemate in the first game and that you are battling in a 2nd game.

A reminder @Trucriot that @plug is ready for 'ya in your game here.

@Karmadrome and I are 444 ticks into our LINK FIXED game here. I just got back from a week of travel and very limited Internet connectivity, so I can submit on a more timely basis now.

Opps ! wrong link. :slight_smile: It is important to wear your safety helmets. LOL

The question is who of you represents which: PHL PA32 or EVY HELO*? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Joining my game tonight.

@Dysp just conceded in our rematch game.

Congrats @panblanco … especially since @Dysp is a worthy foe.

You will play the winner of myself and @Karmadrome - our game is currently in tick #504 and while I’ve had the lead in stars for a couple of hundred ticks, I haven’t been able to put the HULK SMASH on him yet, although I did get ANGRY in the NE sector! :wink:

I generated several games before I ended up with this one - please take a close look and let me know if you think that is playable - i.e. likely NOT to end in a stalemate.

I think the map looks alright. Let me know when you two wrap up :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking that game @panblanco.

@Karmadrome and I are at tick #540 and while I’m holding my lead in stars, he’s putting up a heck of fight despite my HULK SMASH attempts which have yet to yield a breakthrough.

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