April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

Ok, I’m up for it… if I’m not too late that is??

You’re definitely not too late - we have some flexibility thanks to potential bye rounds for the top seeds, thus every player signing up before HULK closes sign-ups is guaranteed a spot in the field.

So to everyone reading this - sign up now, before HULK does just that :wink:

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I have added everyone above this post to the OP - we are up to 16 players so far … which is a power-of-2 and therefore perfect for a tournament.

Can we get to 32?

I’d like to, but I’ve potentially got some big changes in RL coming up and might not be able to commit to the whole thing. If I hear otherwise, I’ll let you know ASAP and see if I can still sign up. :slight_smile:

I’m in, looking forward to another round.

Shoooooooooooooooooot. I swore to myself not to start another one, but the two current really seam to be closing to an end. I guess I’m in. Can’t resist.

Holy crap, visited the forum on a whim for the first time in years and the first post is a 1v1 tournament!
Count me in.

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I really would like to join but I am still playing two 1v1s (against @Solfyre) and time is short ATM :grimacing:

Perhaps I will have more time to speed up my games but I‘m not sure though…

Will let you know soon, @HULK :sweat_smile:

sign me up :smile:

Everyone above this post should be in the OP … we are up to 20 players - can we get to 32?
You KNOW you want to play @DarkDragonwing:wink:

Sign me up too. Username is Sneferu

Looking to meet someone interested in mutual destruction

You‘re totally right. Count me in :see_no_evil:

Count me in, so I may learn :slight_smile:

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Added everyone to the OP … up to 24 entries - can we get to 32?!?
Since 24 is a nice number for tournament setup, lets cap it there … and anyone else signing up after this will be on the “sub list” … we typically need a a few of those.

Put me down as a sub @HULK. I can fill in at least if you need to fill a slot. :slight_smile:

@Solfyre - you’d be the ultimate wild-card sub…!

That is true… To be honest @Solfyre I’d prefer if you fully sign up or not to give you the spot in the brackets that is fitting for the highest-rated player in NP2 1v1. You’d have to play fewer games as well then (with a bye round) as time appears to be your main constraint.

With you as a sub the seeding would be completely thrown off - the strongest player shouldn’t be facing an e.g. new one right at the start, this is part of the reason why we came up with this setup.

Thanks for organising @HULK Bracket is looking pretty spicy, should be a lot of fun. Maybe I might have a chance at revenge on @Trucriot for the December tournament loss :slight_smile:

Long way to go before that though, some very good players in there.

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That’s fine @HULK and @Trucriot . I don’t wanna make a mess of anything (blowing up the seeding) or cause you guys any more work. I’m happy to sit this one out. For some reason being a sub seemed helpful, but I hadn’t really thought it through. :rofl: