April/2021 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

@Zatoc any idea when you’ll be able to start?
You don’t need that much prep. I haven’t played NP for over 6 months and I don’t bite :wink:

Just conceded to @FinrodFelagund. He played well, and took me by surprise at the start with a huge investment into science (and thus using the extra $500 credits). Gave him a nice boost, and combined with many of my own small mistakes the game slowly shifted towards Finrod’s way. Don’t under-estimate him :slight_smile:

I think I ended up just using the extra $500 for more economy in the second cycle. I really am an economy player, to the detriment of the other researches and infrastructure…

@BelSon thank you for the fun game and well played too. My game plan went well and I was lucky to capitalize on your right flank. The small star lead allowing me to push science and industry while maintaining decent eco.

I’m now looking forward to my next match against @Cryptious will join later today and try to get my turn in by tomorrow, latest Saturday. GG glhf

Congrats @FinrodFelagund on your win and good job already starting your round #2 game against @Cryptious. I agree @BelSon that while @FinrodFelagund is a new player in 1v1, he is a worthy foe as I barely scraped out a victory against him in a “for-fun” match we had - I wrote last month: He says this is his first 1v1 … but he’s playing like a battle scarred veteran … so watch out for the this “new kid on the block” as he could be a “sleeper” in the 1v1 tournament.

There are two remaining round #1 games - @SimonMiaou vs @spymort and @TheLastHero vs @gaz123 - please keep submitting your turns as RL permits.

Been submitting them as fast as they come, sir

Oh and this is my first 1v1 ever so I went into this really not knowing what to expect…

Got some slow down IRL, but I think the game will not last much longer, @spymort took some lead that I doubt I can catch up

Hats off to @Trucriot on an impressive performance.

Fun first tournament experience, thank you to all who organized it - will look to be sharper in the next one :wink:

In case you didn’t know, @Trucriot is the top dog right now. Excellent play style, essentially devoid of mistakes. Basically you have a shot against him if you make a lucky guess at the right time and dont make any mistakes.

Thanks for the compliment @panblanco! I believe you managed to find a crack in my armor in the Dec semifinals though :smile:

@Lex played very well and nearly managed to get back into the game by a massive invasion into my territory. Looking forward to see more from him in future - plus, he’s the the fastest submitter I ever played. Cheers!

I’ve just concede against @spymort
We had a really nice game, the map was really interesting in the was that we had a really large border without specific strategy points.
@spymort manage to slowly push the border and took a significant advance that there is no way to come back for me.

I wish I could have play it a bit longer as we had nice fight, but as I have some IRL stuff keeping me away to play every day, I think it’s time for you to continue your path in the turnament. Good luck!

GG @SimonMiaou

Yeah good game!
I was a bit worried at the start and uncertain of what I got myself into.

I had no original strategy, just played to win and have fun.

4 points I want to talk about:

  1. I noticed there were a few times where you had outnumbered me, maybe not on the local close stars, e.g. [[Phact]] [[Alkes]], but a numerical advantage in the area. At the start, I played somewhat progressive, when I had advantage I would jump past your high count stars to the low count stars and that really didn’t work out around [[Rasalas]] [[Nunki]]. It eventually worked when I claimed [[Altarf]]. You did really well to predict my moves and to keep your stars. When I realised that you didn’t play like this, I changed my style so that I would not do that as much, and start to systematically take your stars ( [[Tax]] [[Celaeno]] ), as well as not leaving as many ships behind on my further stars as I realised you weren’t the type of player to take those high risk possible high reward jumps.

  2. I pushed hard on the left side of the map as you originally had pressure on my right side, I hoped to turn the tables there and put pressure on you. I tried to claim stars on one side of the gap, wasn’t too sad when I originally lost [[Sadalsuud]]. When you pushed [[Tax]] and [[Celaeno]], that was good, made my get 2 gates on [[Tax]] and [[Juxta]] and I could only afford to purchase 1 economy on that turn, letting you overtake me. (Not in overall production, though)

  3. [[Altarf]]. Not entirely sure what I was trying to do, but it worked out to get you to divert your ships away from the [[Phact]] / [[Alkes]] stalemate which I think helped me reduce your numerical advantage.

  4. Research. We matched eachother for the first turns, then we deviated when I looked for boosts in Banking and scanning. I wanted to see what you were going to play and as you originally had an econ boost, I wanted to match that and I reckoned I could with superior science numbers. Fair, you did repeatedly beat me in the following manufacturing and terraforming researches, but I wasn’t too bothered as I mostly maintained a lead in industry and overall production.

I think the cheap science/banking is interesting, making econ leads less vital, but it really depends on how eachother play, and what they value more to support their victory.

Overall good play, you managed to keep it close and stall my snowball :slight_smile:

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Nice wrapup by both of you - see you in the next 1v1 @SimonMiaou.

@spymort advances to the round #2 against @plug - he is waiting for you in this game.