Are there other Types of cards planned?

I wondering if there are other types of cards planned, like spell cards or cards for altering the terrain/map/cities/building structures or other things? I mean i could image quite a lot of new cards.

Also what about neutral cards/heros, which can be played from any race (although i can’t really imagin what kind of race a “neutral” race should be :slight_smile: )

Sorry for not writing back sooner @centech

When we were first designing the game I had planned to do all kinds of equipment and things that could be on heroes, but I eventually decided that characters were more interesting than things, so the started trying to think about everything as a person.

At one stage there were different types of characters, Heroes, Followers, and Armies. Followers were played on a Hero and could not leave them. They were basically a piece of equipment that you played onto a hero to boost its capabilities.

I thought it was a simplification to make them all the same type, but now I see that the complexity has just be shifted to other areas of the game. I might consider remaking the distinction between heroes and armies.

I wanted to avoid spell cards in favor of having the spells on the heroes themselves. Another bit of trivia, heroes used to have more than one power! The Wizard for example might have had a zap spell and a pin spell.

I love your idea of neutral cards, they could all be demons, elemental monsters, things that the magicians of any race can summon - perhaps that could be our first expansion. :smile:

Anyhow, we are trying to tie up a lot of loose ends right now, then we are going to try really hard to get the word out about the game. If we make any money at all we would love to start paying artists to generate new cards for us!

Thanks for your reply! I totaly understand your points, especially the one of polishing the actual game first and generating money.

But its good to see, that you are open to new stuff. I would totlay love to see (when hopefully the game has grown) lots of new stuff. Regarding the spell cards: do you know poxnora? There you have also all that differnt card types, heros with spells but also seperated spell cards, you can only play spell near citys or your hero cards.