Are You Sure?

I never really got why this screen has the title “Are You Sure?”

Surely something like “Loop the Carrier?” would be better?

Meh. I don’t mind it. Its “okay”.

By the way, that game looks one sided, since you are a premium player(and thus have more experience) and your opponent appears to be a noob.

The game is basically over, I didnt want to use an ongoing ne as an example from fear of giving away some intelligence

Actually I don’t understand why the game decides to ask about looping carriers when it does… not once has it ever asked me when I do want to, and usually when it does ask, it does so when I’ve put in orders with multiple commands on a single star (like when you’re waiting for another carrier to drop off ships) which I find odd.

I really do not know. I would guess that maybe Jay is tinkering with some ideas to implement confirmation dialogs to prevent unintended repeat clicks, duplicating infrastructure purchases, etc. . .

Carrier looping would seem low-ish priority, but maybe a safe place to test some simple code ?

I hope Jay is getting enough sleep, as he is rushing towards PAX AUS .

The dialogue was added a while ago. There used to be a setting in the options menu to auto-loop if the start and end stars were the same. Otherwise people needed to click the loop button in the edit interface. This was replaced with the dialogue occurring where the auto-looping used to.

Personally I would like to see the dialogue removed and the option moved to the Waypoint Editing screen. Replace the buttons [Save] [Save & Edit] with [Loop] [Save] [Edit] .


@SpaceTurtle , good job training the noob !

I second this! I find myself triple-checking my loop cycles all day out of paranoia that I haven’t clicked the correct button. If the looping option was slightly closer…