Area of effect attacks

Jay suggested that area of effect attacks (Dark Forest Witch, Storm Friar, Marsh Warden, Rune Dancer) would be better if they affected individuals, rather than units. So each individual in an army would have a small chance of death.

The result would be that it wouldn’t matter how many separate armies the zombies were in, and you’d do more damage against larger armies, no matter their configuration. Also, when taking friendly fire from the Storm Friar or Marsh Warden, your heroes wouldn’t automatically be killed, they’d be much more resistant than individual soldiers.

What do you think?

Given that’s exactly the solution I pondered, I agree. It’s harder to wrap your mind around AoEs damaging units rather than individuals.

If this change went through, would Blighted Dragons also be changed? I’ve found their AoE makes the least sense ATM.

I’d really want to test it out. Thats potentially a HUGE amount of Valour in a single shot.

The powers would all have to be rebalanced to do essentially the same damage.

Yes, I think the attack would be very low, so maybe 2 or 3 for a Dark Forest Witch. So against zombie Elves, which are 14 base STR, she’d need to hit a lot to have the same effect.

Interesting. I think it makes a lot of sense, but I also feel like the AoE units are relatively well balanced as is.

Storm Friar especially I think is a really cool card because when used very carefully he’s awesome, but he does require careful planning. I worry that if he was less likely to affect friendly units he would just be easier to fire off without being concerned about the consequences.

Does that make sense? I guess I like those cards as they are because they require a lot more thought and effort to use effectively.

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It wouldn’t be less damaging to player units - it would be different. It would be more dangerous for armies, and less dangerous for Heroes. If you have a big army in range, it would be very bad. At the moment, you know that each unit will only take 200 damage, killing most heroes and only causing minor damage to a large army.