Armies panel suggestion - show ETA for armies that are on the move

I love that there is a tab that shows all of my units and their statuses, but I’d like to see a movement duration on this tab as well. This would be very handy as it would give me a good indication of when I should check back with the game again at a glance.

Attached is a mock up of what that might look like:


Off topic: By the way, I noticed on the tutorial that this screen did not update until I advanced or refreshed the game. For example, I would command a stationary unit to move, and it would still show stationary in this screen until I did one of those two things.

On topic: I like this idea. It might make the dialog wider than the rest though, but if this is OK, I like this.

The ui are all narrow so that Mobile doesn’t become a second class citizen.

What I would like to do is be able to sort the list by strength, move eta, power recharge etc and kind. I’d also like to see zombies and the other players units.

We’ll get to it as soon as the core game is really good!