Armies tab and plotting movements


Hey Y’all,

Still new to the game, but this one is obviously going to be a keeper, so I thought I’d pitch in where I could.

It’s pretty simple really: If I have a unit selected and make a change to a movement path, then try and go directly to the drop down menu in the top right, it resets the movement to whatever it was before.

If I select another unit or town or whatever, then go to the menu it remembers, but only if I essentially deselect the unit I was just using.

I’m a big fan of the “armies” tab in particular. It’s a very effective way to manage unit movements, especially from mobile where zooming out all the way is a real pain.

Speaking of which, good lord is that menu button small on my phone! Once I get into the main game it’s obnoxiously hard to get it to open… but that’s not a bug, that’s just my fat thumbs.



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Hey there and welcome to our little community.

Thanks for the bug report, about the menu. Do you think the movement should save even if you haven’t clicked save? I would have thought the default would be cancel. What do other people think?

Sounds like something strange is going on that I need to look into.

Sorry about the small buttons!



Ahaha. Let me clarify: I do click save, but it doesn’t do it. (I forgot to mention that part :smile:

It should definitely default to cancel if I don’t save the movement.

The button thing is small, and what mobile game doesn’t suffer from control issues on a small screen?