Art of war


Ave. I wonder if you’re insane like me, when I create formation like those.
Do you have more examples?



I don’t, I neither have that many of most cards nor the patience. And the regular units tend to get fused way before I can spare them for something like this. You sir, are either very capable of managing your troops or goofing around. Or both.



I believe that is an appropriate response. :slight_smile:


“Art of war” seems appropriate to discuss some general questions about fighting the blight. Particularliarly on where a horde decides to attack. Is it based on an equation with random variables imputed, or do they strictly attack the settlements with the most civilians first? I was under the assumption for awhile that the dead would attack an unguarded city before a guarded city of slightly more civilians but I’m finding that to be untrue now so I’m not 100% sure anymore.


Simple: they attack the nearest settlement, but not the one that is reachable in the shortest amount of time.


I like to think they’re attracted to the smell of the living just like any other kind of zombie, but the smell of mana water smells even sweeter to these undead.


Good lore reason tbh.


Well I now know they don’t prioritize settlements with no civilians, so I’m pretty sure the horde moves towards the nearest food, not necessarily the nearest unblighted settlement.


Psycho killer
Qu’est-ce que c’est


When the death walk the earth, it’s up to the assassin’s creed to survive and liberate the living. Very slowly, mind you.