Asking for Opinions on Gaslighting/Lying About What Others Said

Recently came back to this game after a few years.

I remembered when I used to play, betrayals were pretty simple clean and cut. If you got betrayed, you got betrayed.

In my most recent games, players who have betrayed me have been gaslighting me by saying that they aren’t betraying me and I am imagining it or pretending that they accidentally attacked me, while continuing to full assault my stars. Or they say that someone else told them that I was going to betray them and they wanted to betray me first.

Was this always common and I got lucky avoiding this in past years? Just wanted to know what the community’s views were on this. Since returning to Neptune Pride, all of my games have had this behavior in it.

There is a full spectrum of behaviour from strictly sticking to the spirit of any deal cut, to betrayal as a matter of course through some weirdly overcomplicated web of lies and deceit. I’ve certainly been on the receiving end of the kind of thing you describe both recently and back when I first joined the game - I don’t think it is any more prevalent now than it has ever been, but yeah maybe you got lucky before. There’s a small enough set of players that sooner or later you learn who not to trust.

Seems abnormal to me.