Audio on Android App for Blight and BBB


I’m just wondering if anyone has audio working on the Android App for Blight or BBB? If so, what device and OS version are you using? Thanks!


I’m using a Pixel XL on 7.1.1 and neither the sound nor music work for me in either Blight Or BBB.


Thanks! I’ve fixed the issue finally. There’s a bug in Crosswalk and I’ve just had to change the mp3’s to ogg’s and it’s all good now.

BBB sound should be working in the next release and I’ll fix Blight soon.


Excellent! Thanks.


There seems to be a bug with the Audio on the BBB Android app. The Audio just stops suddenly and then some time later will suddenly come back when you click on something. The first sound you hear when it comes back seems to be the same sound as when you lose a ship.

I have been trying to replicate it but haven’t been able to. If I figure it out I will update you.


Thanks, I’ll keep an eye (ear?) out for it!


Did you manage to find a fix for this or what causes it?


I haven’t worked on the Android version in the last week. I’ll be working to clean it up and finish it this coming week. Let me know if you have any more clues as to what’s causing it! Thanks!


I can’t be sure but I have my suspicions it has something to do with the app going into the background. The sound comes back when you go into a menu.


Ok, thanks, that’s somewhere to start. I have another bug about using the Android back button, which we recently allowed to show, which causing some weirdness with multiple music tracks playing at once.