August/2018 1v1 EPIC Tournament with mirrored maps - Karmadrome WINS!


Thanks for the update … and hope both players are having fun! :wink:


I just conceded. Karmadrone was up 20 stars and there was no coming back. Well played!


Thanks @TheLastHero good game.

@HULK when you’re ready :wink:


Thanks for playing @TheLastHero and congrats @Karmadrome on your win - first post updated.

I can setup the final game with the same parameters … but would you like to try 6-tick jumps rather than 8? Just tossing out for consideration. Reduces the ability to do “surprise” moves (a little bit) … but will “mess with your brain” since 8-ticks is the default and what we are used too.


@HULK I’m fine with the change. It might reduce those “Hulk special” surprise attacks!


@Karmadrome and @Hulk are playing in the final game here.
One agreed upon change was 6-tick jumps rather than 8 … so reduces the ability to do surprise attacks. Curious to see how this plays out.


Looking good @Karmadrome, kick his green ass!


He IS!!!

I just made a rookie mistake and failed to moves ships to defend an incoming attack … so he just took a Warp Gate away from me … so I think my fate is sealed. He had me on the ropes anyway.

P.S. @Karmadrome - would you agree that the 6-tick jump format plays out better than the 8-tick? It does require players that submit on a timely basis - appreciate that our game has moved along at a good clip!


@HULK the change to 6 ticks works well for me. It does reduce the likelihood of surprise attacks which I think is good, but others may disagree. Generally if both players are committed to submitting regularly it does play better.


Glad to hear @Karmadrome that you also felt that the 6-tick jump works better … and yea, really appreciate that we were both submitting on a timely basis - after 4 days, we are at Cycle5/Tick 126 … so that is 21 turns. If someone had been taking the full 48 hours, that would be a 42 days! :wink:

As alluded to above, @Karmadrome got me on the ropes early on and despite all my attempts to HULK SMASH, the Jolly Green Giant got SMASHED … so I sent a message asking:
“What are your terms of surrender?”

To which he replied:
I think a box of the finest vintage red from the famous vineyards of Alhajoth for starters.

Your military troopers and civilians will be spared, but unfortunately your military leaders, rulers and diplomats will need do some hard time in the salt mines of Alzir

Oh and of course, hand over the keys to your Ford Mustang Convertible (the interplanetary model).

Congrats @Karmadrome on winning the tournament and I have reflected that in the first post and title.

All hail the new Galactic Emperor! :wink:


Congrats @Karmadrome


Thanks @HULK and @TheLastHero.

It’s nice to stop my 1v1 losing streak against the jolly green giant!

Now for a repeat in the 2v2 :wink:


You beat the Mean Green Calcluating Machine!! I am swooning! My hero!