August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

And we are off to the races … several games already have both players joined … and D’OH … I forgot to join mine where @Kaine is already in and submitted.

A reminder to take your time to map out your first moves - I’d recommend a fair number of carriers … and be careful about spending all your money at once. Note that Banking is now Cheap … which I think will play well as it makes it a more viable tech to research.

BTW, please report your results here and I’ll update the brackets and setup subsequent games.

Have fun and good luck … except when you are playing the Jolly Green Giant!

I decided not to mention it as I figured you were a little busy with the setup :wink:

@Golden_Ace and I are already on Tick 48. He is leading in stars cause he decided to build more carriers than me which let him take stars fast. Stats are almost equal.

Then he was coming right through the middle of the map and caused some huge carnage on my middle sector - ouch :cold_face:
It‘s a fun game at all, hope I will get some revenge at some point of the game and be able to destroy some of his ships :wink:

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Too bad I missed this. I know there are already subs waiting, but heck if needed at any point I can jump in too.

Thanks for the feedback!

Don’t worry about your stats being skewed, the rating methodology will usually take care of that (e.g., direct match-ups against SuperDave are much more impactful to your rating than wins against new players joining).

I will likely open a new thread once I’m done with the rating calculations / visuals and add the historic overview with thread links there.

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Given the huge interest in a very short timeframe, how about we think of a way to include some more players?

Here’s an idea: Some of the defeated players in R1 might still be interested to gain further experience and practice even though they are already out. Double elimination would probably have been over the top with so many players, but why not open a separate bracket for them and the subs who didn’t get to fill in for anyone? Kind of like the Europa League in football - the main tournament is still the Champions League. But this way, these players don’t have to wait for another month or two until the next tournament starts.

Obviously this would only work if it isn’t too much effort for @HULK as finding suitable maps doesn’t seem so easy.


It looks like you’ve got another great tournament lined up! I didn’t see it till yesterday when it was already full + 3 subs listed. I will try and pay more attention for the next one later this year. My life has settled down from the chaos of earlier this year so I could make it work. I do miss the strategy of Neptune Pride. I’ve tried other games and they just aren’t the same. Battling @HULK, @Karmadrome, or @nick.muzzio makes for a lot of fun!

@HULK @Trucriot Unfortunately I’m gonna have to bow out of this one. I was looking forward to it, but I’m just to busy to commit and don’t want to drag things down for everyone else down the road. Work + grad school are taking up all my time and then I’m moving cities next week also. I’ll exit the game and hopefully we can get a sub filled in. @Trucriot I’m sure we’ll get the chance to play again!

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Stuff happens @TheLastHero … that’s a LOT you have going on - good luck with everything.

I assume @Chumbles tooth has not instantly healed … so while you’ll keep your spot on the “sub” list, this means @Nassau is up next to take the place of @TheLastHero.

So can @Trucriot and @Nassau join this game?

P.S. Added @Dysp and @SuperDave to the “sub” list.

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@Trucriot - I hear 'ya on giving players more chances to play, but it’s a bit of working generating the maps and keeping everything going. What you can do is ask Jay if he can enable you/whoever to do Mirrored Maps.

I look forward to your compilation of data … and yea, a win against @SuperDave (glad to hear things are less crazy for 'ya) should count for a LOT!

Interesting! I’m a big appreciator of stats too, and I’ll be very interested to see the results of your rating system. Also, thanks for posting the prior results of 1v1 tournaments.

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Not gonna lie, going back to square 0 after I spent quite some time planning my first few turns and the routes of my 12 carriers is a hit to the stomach. But I do appreciate you not wanting to drag things down and hope you can move cities without major hurdles.

@Nassau - it will unfortunately take a bit until we can get started. It’s 3am and I have a full schedule of work tomorrow (only still up because of the damn heat).

It is fine to me i´m happy just to be in a game.

Public Service Announcement for ALL:
Please be SURE to hit the SUBMIT button, not the CONCEDE button! :wink:

Yes, ideally Jay should add a “ARE YOU REALLY SURE YOU WANT TO CONCEDE” prompt … but I’ve heard of others making this mistake also … so be careful out there. Good job most of you submitting your turns fast & furious - @Kaine and I are at Tick#84 … and I’m bring the HULK SMASH on 'em! :wink:

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I have nearly (accidentally) conceded three times already. You’ll have to Hulk smash all the way, I intend to fight with my last dying breath

Add me as a sub @HULK.

Had a brief exchange with Jay and he already enabled me to do mirrored maps - super fast turnaround!

So after the first round concludes I should be able to set up a second bracket for the players interested.

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@Trucriot - awesome - would be great to have someone else making maps … and organizing tournaments! :wink:

@panblanco - added you to the sub list

@Kaine - I’ve got the upper hand on 'ya, but anything can happen.

@Kaine and I just finished our game - 162 ticks done in under 30 hours! :wink:

He hadn’t played turn-based before … so while this was a bit of a “rough” introduction, he said it was fun … and hats off to him for keeping the turns going! :wink:

I see that everyone else has joined their games … so hopefully you can start cranking out the turns. Again, please report results here and I’ll update the first post as the wins trickle in.

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Yes, I’d definitely say one’s first turn-based game being a 1v1 against HULK is quite the rough introduction! :upside_down_face:

@Kaine - let me know if you’d be interested in participating in the “second chance cup” discussed earlier.