August/2020 1v1 EPIC Tournament with Mirrored Maps

I just conceded against @BOsshOgg. While I had the lead in economy (and banking), an early, bold move by BOssh and then multiple mistakes on my part left the game in his hands, and I could never pull it back.

I’ve updated the first post showing @BOsshOgg and @Trucriot winning.

@Solfyre and @Trucriot can start this game if it’s acceptable to both of 'ya … and do me a favor @Trucriot and put some HULK SMASH on @Solfyre because that’s what he is doing to me in a side game! :wink:

@HULK, you need to be patient and enjoy winning the game slowly; step by step. Not always SMASHING everything into dust. Then you don’t need to wait until 2021 for your next game in this tournament :wink:
Perhaps you need to let Dr. Banner play the game for a while before The Hulk starts to SMASH everything :joy:

But TBH, @Golden_Ace is a tough opponent. Both of us haven‘t made huge mistakes so far. I had to throw everything into a Warp Gate Defense a few turns ago. Until then he has slowly started to gain the upper hand on stats. We‘ll see if we can speed things up a bit. Although it‘s a bit difficult on our different time zones.

I’m enjoying the chess match. every time I think of doing something a few more ships appear blocking said attempt. while I may have more ships and tech, due to an early mistake you have more stars and I think a strategic advantage because of it.

Oh and @HULK banking really made the difference for me. I got a couple levels early and that has allowed me to get ahead in industry and science from early on.

Hulk-smashing @Solfyre might be a bit of a tall order, considering that he’s already giving the current #1 player a run for his money :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@DarkDragonwing and @Golden_Ace - Maybe it wasn’t clear from my “Good job keeping the pace up” comment, but you guys are doing a GREAT job moving things along. Even with timezone differences, it shouldn’t be difficult to do at least two turns a day (Submit, make your next moves, Submit … and then the other player does the same). I’m hoping others can do as well as you so this tournament doesn’t drag out too much.

Enjoy the Chess Match! :wink:

P.S. Good feedback on Banking … and yea, I’m glad to see that becomes yet another option for players to consider.

ah, sorry, I don’t use the forums much. Axson and I are having a good fight. I had the advantage of securing some early stars into his territory at the start of the game which allowed me to have a much higher star count and better development. This game will probably end soon.

Yes, it was a good fight! I just conceded defeat and wish to congratulate @The_AI to the win.

I’m in for the runner ups tournament!

Congrats @The_AI on winning (and getting your forum login) and better luck next time @Axson

I’ve updated the first post and @The_AI and @BOsshOgg should join this game.


Can you add me in you do your 8 player tournament please? I’d like to see how it goes time wise and enjoyment wise before I look to do a bigger tournament later. I am happy to see so many people showing interest in this format! I’m a strong player, but have a different style than @HULK and some others. I’m pretty methodical in my play.

@SuperDave - Most definitely, your participation will upvalue the 2CC further.

@SuperDave may have different style, but the net result is the same - he SMASHES his opponents! :wink:

Missed the original and definately interested.

Count me in to any tournament thats going :slight_smile:

I would like to get in

If I lose my game, I‘d like to join the 2CC :wink:

Added you guys to the 2CC lineup.

We are at 8.5 players now, so there’ll likely be a first initial round for some of the late-joiners to get to 8.

To all other players interested in joining: Please reply until Wednesday (Aug 19) 11PM CET. Obviously the two remaining ongoing games in the main tournament do not have to be wrapped up by then, but I’ll try to work around that when planning (if both players express interest, that would be easiest).

Woooooo … @DarkDragonwing and @Golden_Ace were tied at Tick #264 … but @Golden_Ace now leads 84-58 at Tick #300 … so must have been some big carnage!

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Not over. @DarkDragonwing is a very tough customer.

@Golden_Ace, nice to hear that! You‘re a tough opponent, too, and I really enjoied playing the game against you :smiley:
Really hope you can SMASH @HULK next round :grin: :wink:

Our game isn‘t over yet, but soon will be. We had a stand-off for a long time but then we had to do something to get this tournament move further, so we decided to get into some nice carnage, hehe.

BUT, I won‘t let him take my HP :wink: