Badges in Neptune's Pride


I’m a big fan of the badge feature, and couldn’t think of a single reward type that doesn’t already exist.
I only have one small issue with them: The notification (both email and in game) letting you know someone has purchased you a badge only shows the account name of the player who gifted. Thanks to alternate player names being very common, I find it difficult to figure out where it came from and who I should thank.

Would it be possible to show the name the player is using in the game that they gifted the badge?
Or else both account name and relevant alias?

A minor concern but one that gets in the way of sharing gratitude (or fury for a toxic) and kills the buzz to some extent.



Super point.


I agree

I’d also love there to be the chance to add other badges - subject to design approval - which would almost be like badges of affiliation. If the player proposing the badge could get the backers via, say, kickstarter to pay for the development and programmed inclusion? Colour would be nice on some more of the badges. The conqueror or king of the hill and the tournament winner badges should be golden!