Badges of Honor: Possible to purchase for yourself?

I’m not sure where exactly to put this, but as it is just a general question I guess the general thread will suffice (though maybe it could be viewed as a bug and/or feature request?)…

Anyways, I just noticed that I believe it is possible to purchase badges for yourself…I didn’t want to test it, because if I am correct then I would be “that guy” that bought a badge for himself.

I was just wondering if anyone can confirm or deny this…because, honestly, I don’t think you should be able to give yourself badges - I think there is definitely room to game the system (i.e. misrepresent yourself by buying yourself multiple ‘Top Ally’ badges so people might trust you, when in reality you never earned them and are actually a back stabber).

It seems to me, being able to buy them for yourself takes the “honor” out of “Badges of Honor.”

But that, just like, my opinion man.


I’m guessing no one knows for sure and, consequently,no one wants to try it out and be that guy?

Oh, sorry I didn’t reply to this a few weeks ago when ithinkchaos first posted.

It is possible, I have seen players do it in the past.

It’s something I hope to fix in the very near future!

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Ah, true…well, thanks for quelling my curiosity! haha :smile:

And I’m glad to know you have plans to correct it.

Rock on!

It used to work, but I tried to buy myself the star trek/star wars badges and it told me I couldn’t. The star trek one still showed up for a few minutes but eventually went away and my credits returned to normal.

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Sorry, I must have fixed it and forgotten about it.

lol, coding in your sleep again? I hate it when that happens :stuck_out_tongue: