Hi everyone. I’m pretty new to Neptunes Pride. I noticed there are optional badges you can buy for players. I’m curious tho, is this how they’re meant to be used? As in game manipulation tools? Seems kind of counter intuitive imo.

I guess it happens sometimes, but I haven’t seen it too much.

Not sure what to think of it.

What is it they say about Mos Eisley again ?

NP is a social game with a wide spectrum of players and play styles.
There are new players, and there are veteran players who can be good or bad allies.
Everything in the game can be up for negotiation, including ( trustworthy or untrustworthy ) alliances, cash or tech trades, strategy or tactics, victory, rank, renown points, or optional badges.

Many players wear their badges with pride.
Some players like their bad reputation. HA HA !

There was some concern that the Cheese badge was a negative bage, is that still a thing?

The description for the Cheese badge is neutral, or slightly positive.

I have seen one player with 99 Cheese. LOL

There really is a player with 99 Cheese badges? That’s hilarious - love to hear the back story on that. I hardly ever see more than 10 of any badge.

P.S. When are we going to have a “HULK SMASH!” badge?!? :wink:

Not since you put the toxic badge out there.

WOW ! Look at this list of lies from the Star Wars movies !! And then George betrayed us and sold out to Disney. HA HA !!

I wonder whether Jay will make a “Bad Disguise” badge ? !

Regarding this toxic badge…why it hurt the wallet so hard? A fiver would still be plenty o’ coin to tell someone how sour they made you =]