Balance, Map Maker and Profile Suggestions


Hey there, I’ve been playing Blight since around the time it was spotlighted on Kong, made me quite glad I’d checked up on the old proving grounds. (Moogle21376 here, kupo /o) I absolutely love strategy games, and Blight is like no other; to my knowledge. But it’s come to the point where there aren’t any new maps to play on. Which means you get stuck with similar tactics over the same boards.

Considering the game is tile based, could you not implement a system for players to create maps? Similar to the Advance Wars series where you choose the terrain and place towns/units. My first thought is how people would make maps just for farming coins, so custom maps could be made playable for no reward, and sent off for approval to be added to the multiplayer/official list. Spent plenty of hours listening to this

There are also a few things I’d like to bring up regarding game balance, my first thoughts being spider nests; which give me an urge to do harm, similar to Heavy Storm being included in every AI deck for Yu-Gi-Oh games. It’s more or less impossible to train 40/50 spiders, getting only one every 6hours but for immortals they’re fresh off the press every few minutes, and you’re left with a wave of highly mobile, 2-3k+ strength enemy stacks that also leave you rooted for fighting them.

For player cards, I’ll try to keep things concise:
Berserker: Outside of its rogue synergy and Str/Pop value I see no reason to use this. Even in 6Elf games, the ability barely comes to play. Additional damage per veterancy?

Cowardly Noble: Late game, or with players donating valour to the owner of this unit, it completely eliminates the need for gold. I’d suggest adding a cap of roughly 1000 gold per use.

Merchant Banker: You have to store up 1500gold before spending 8mana, just for playing the card to refund its own cost. If you’ve got this much dosh spare you’re likely already winning or lacking units on the field.

Elder Shaman: There’s another thread up about this, Priestess is better in most cases but this guy really adds flavour to the orcs, perhaps allow him to draw a card upon burning a settlement, or leave an immobile unit to tie up enemies in combat.
Scarface Lord: Great strength to pop ratio, ability that gives +50str to a unit at best. Orcs usually lack mana and have more crucial places to spend it in the first place. I really like the idea of this one, it’s just not worth it in its current state and will only ever be used on the most numerous targets. Possibly allow him to train up something like ten units from the nearest settlement to refill a units ranks?

Goblin Bigwig: I have to pay to get these things out of my hand, they’re somewhat helpful but can ruin Goblin early games being stuck with four of these that you are forced to take. Please add an option to decline essentials, for non-themed maps.
Goblin Royalty: Great card, especially when you’re playing elves or trolls. Unfortunately it’s overshadowed by the omnipotent one.
Dealer: Completely breaks the game. Goblins are entirely based on playing this card as many times as possible, which allows you to fund all war fronts while building up Rogue Lords. Makes all other gold generation redundant when playing Goblins, combined with Spider Rider I’ve had 11 of these while only owning 3 at the time. The only solution I can think of is to make his ability inbuilt to starting with a Goblin capital.
Little Wizard: Used his ability maybe 2-3 times when forced to have it in campaigns. Regretted it twice. Only worth using to capture points in its current state as it’s too damaging to yourself and/or allies. Would be too strong without the risk however.

Last but not least, on the collection screen is there any way we could get a little box to choose our armies default heraldry? And possibly a couple more symbols to boot. It would add a nice little touch of personolization.

Apologies for the extreme wall of text, hopefully you guys on the dev team will find the feedback useful. I absolutely love the game and hope it continues to recieve updates. On an additional note, I saw those new tyle textures on IHG’s twitter for Colossus and they look fab.:+1:


All good suggestions. :slight_smile: I noted a bunch of those sneaky Goblin tricks with the dealer in my guide…

Also, I would in particular love the default heraldry+more symbols to be added.


Hello Linten,

Thanks for the great feedback. This is all super useful!

We’ll probably do a balance pass to all the cards soon. Its great to suggest some ideas for improvement as well as just saying they are a little over / under powered.

I have some notes on my todo list about how to do an editor. Its not completely out of the question as we build the maps in an editor thats built into the game, it’s just a little rough around the edges, and does require a little manual tweaking and the rendering of the tiles.

Anyhow, Its great to hear from you folks that are enjoying the game.


Most of these suggestions agree easily with my experiences. However there are definitely a few where I disagree, so those are the ones I’ll reply to (mostly).

This is all accurate, but I draw the opposite conclusion to yours. I find the Spider to be one of the most compelling Immortal units: fast, numerous, and dangerous beyond just killing your towns. It’s balanced by the fact that if you can claim the nest first, you can defend it (and everything nearby) against all comers more or less indefinitely with the Manaless 24-hour lockdown that mortal Spiders provide. It fits the high-risk, high-reward Goblin playstyle perfectly.

The Scarface Lord is absolutely, 100% worth his (significant) weight in gold. If you’re only using him to grant +50 strength, you’re not merging your armies enough. The highest combat experience on any merged unit gets applied to the whole stack, so over the course of a game it’s entirely possible to grant a stack of 500 Orcish Swords +10 experience or more. That’s 5k permanent strength; it sticks around even when you get unlucky and the Scarface Lord is killed in battle. The buildup is slower, but after only a couple of days the Scarface Lord bestows the most powerful and versatile (permanent and not race-limited) buff in the entire game.

I just wanted to call this one out specifically because I don’t think anyone has made this suggestion before and I really like it. As I said in the other thread, allowing him to once again blight Mana Pools without raising a boss would also make him unique enough to be a strong contender.

The Bigwig is cheap, and with good Strength:Gold and Strength:Population ratios for a Goblin. This is a kind of funny case where he’s less useful on lower difficulties, but becomes more critical as the difficulty ramps up and you’re forced to fight in melee. Taking him out of the default deck (maybe replacing him with the Spider Pennon) wouldn’t be out of line.

The issue with Royalty is that he basically just allows you to convert a mana pool into a 125 pop goblin town. I normally have better uses for my mana, but I could see it on maps with heavy Elf/Troll populations and very few gold-producing settlements. The bottom line is I don’t think the maps that make this guy worthwhile exist yet, but I look forward to a mapmaker release for exactly this sort of project.

I urge you to experiment with him more. With the right setup (big ol’ stack of Spider Pennons and Little Wizards, basically), this guy is an unstoppable killing machine that grants you extra gold via your Dealers and can reset the cooldowns on his buddies when he bounces them. And unlike the Human and Elven analogues, the Little Wizard becomes useful very early in the game, so it’s not a dead card for the first week.

This would be fantastic.


After having played the game for about 2 months I think a map maker, or at the very minimum new maps is a top priority. I play with a lot of friends and you can only play Cloudlands so many times even when you leave spots open (since we have 7 friends often)… The replay value is seriously suffering without more map/board options. While I love the game, I can already feel my interest waning due to this biggest of issues (imo).