Battle notification on map


I wouldn’t mind seeing some sort of notification on the map that a battle took place within the last 8 or 24 hours. it can be an option how long a player wants the notification or they can turn it off. Maybe an explosion symbol over or around the star or something similar. Should be pretty simple to add in. This will let players know where a battle took place a lot easier instead of going to the events page.

An explosion around the star like this should work but with some color. Maybe red and yellow lines or a little bit of a blend. Other colors can also work.

\ I /
/ I \

Hmmm my art doesn’t work too well but you get the point.


Hey, I like this idea, and I remember I did something similar with my Blight of the Immortals prototype.


Spaceward Ho! had something like this, but if it was a big battle, then u would get a notification and even if the star wasn’t in range, u d see something on the map. The message was u see an unusual reading of energy from X star, or something like that. It was fun…


This seems like it would be useful for those times when you login to see 30-40 battle notifications.

I think someone also mentioned adding notifications on G+ when stars were taken without a fight. If you have economy and science but no industry or ships it’s likely your star will be taken silently. Not a huge deal since all of us have perfect memories, but might be useful.