Battlefield Markers - Suggestion


I wanted to expand upon the idea “squatched” and “Ironmaus” brought up in this forum post:

Whenever a battle takes place, it should leave behind a “Battlefield Marker”. (Unless a graveyard is left behind, because that already acts as a Battlefield Marker, but it would need to be updated to support this new suggestion…)

The “Battlefield Marker” would be useful for two reasons: 1. It would show where a battle took place when both the Immortal Blighted and Heroes were destroyed. 2. It would serve as an “Update” to users who return to a game in session as to what has been taking place on the map since they last reviewed the game world.

Example: Hero Army is headed towards Zombie army…

Zombie Army is defeated, but all the Heroes are wiped out also. No Graveyard is left behind, but it does leave behind the “Battlefield Marker”

Click on the “Battlefield Marker”, and it will tell you which units were involved, a timestamp of when the battle took place, and the result of the battle. (This “Battlefield Marker” will also appear if some Hero units had survived and continued their march onward…)

Upon looking at the details of the “Battlefield Marker” popup report, the player may “Close” the Battlefield Marker, (which will leave the marker on the map.) OR the player may “Hide” the “Battlefield Marker” which will remove it from the map.

This means we will also need an option / menu. (Probably in the combat events UI) to unhide all Battlefield Markers, and hide all Battlefield Markers. We could probably use an entire list of every battle that ever took place as a list of battlefield markers. (Which can be filtered to show only battles my units have been in, filter by specific allies, etc.) With an Easy Hide / Unhide toggle selection next to each Battlefield Marker in the list.

The Hero range attacks can also make use of the Battlefield Markers. If archers or siege cannons attack a horde of zombies. (Even if some zombies survive) drop a Battlefield Marker, to say, this was an archer range attack, against this number and type of zombies, at this time.)

this would be GLORIOUS, for returning to the game after 7 or 8 hours, and to see where all the battles have taken place since I’ve last logged in, and help me get a better gauge on my ally’s condition and where we are making progress as a team.

I hope this suggestion is considered.

Much Love. Great Game!


Oooh, and you could have the markers set to reduce their opacity over a set number of hours, so that a battle fought 6 hours ago would be fresh and vibrant but one from 48 hours in the past was ghostly and almost forgotten. (As a cleanup mechanic and to get a quick glance at where all the most recent combat had been.)


Yeah I like this idea. Would keep minimap clutter less as fights drag on.


This is another good idea. I was just thinking it sounded familiar and Jay reminded me that it was in the original Blight. I think that the current graveyard markers are actually the battle markers from the original version of the game.

You can get all the information currently if you visit the Events and Combat tabs of the Inbox. If you click on an Event you will even see the animations of the event play out. We would just need to add map markers to link to the individual combat/event entries.


By the way, I want to say (again) that I really like that feature. I remember when it wasn’t there and I would get upset trying to figure out what happened or what I got from an action when I missed the popup. I have used this feature a lot since it has been implemented to figure out what myself and allies have done.

It was especially useful last week when I logged in once and found a few of my armies and ally some ally armies missing (weak armies). The event log referenced a use of Marsh Stomp and the animation let me realize it was in the area of the missing units. One of our allies took a bunch of us out as a joke!


Ah great, glad you are finding it useful. BTW Marsh Stomp only works on zombies now!


That’s why he did it. He read the patch notes for that but since his was already deployed, it wasn’t affected. He realized he had one last chance to do it.