BBB FAQ points to Blight's, not BBB

Hi Jay,

I’ve just played my first game of BBB, I love it!

I had a look at the FAQ, but it only shows information for Blight.


I’ve also just received a confirmation email of my score in an email.
I’m not sure what triggered it, but it has living souls, undead souls, restless and rested souls.

Thanks @TheAllCreator, great to hear you enjoyed the game!

The emails will be updated in the next release. We don’t have a BBB FAQ yet here on the Forums. It’s not as complicated as Blight, so it might not need one! I’ll remove the link to it until we have one.

Thanks! I might have to delete that game you joined with me (ColossalPea), as we’re about to change the Victory condition from X Max Turns to X Pirate Points.

We’ll setup a new test game soon. I’d like to try out a 12 player game soon.

12 player? That could be interesting. How much bigger would the map be?

as a rule of thumb, right now there is a 7x7 grid of hexes for each player so 12 if the players were arranged 3x4 the map would be about 21*28

Interesting, can’t wait to give it a go.

I’ve played a few AI Skirmishes now, starting to get the hang of it. Still trying to work out where to find weed and whales.