BBB - I wish I could

Hi BBB Playtesters … I just want to throw out an open-ended question.

In playing BBB, have you found yourself in a situation where you’ve thought “I really wish I could do …”. Are there situations you are finding frustrating or aspects you think are missing from the strategy? We’d like to hear them! Thanks!

I wish I could see non-animated overlays of production and combat for the whole map. Using only the replay, it is somewhat difficult to keep a “big picture” of everything that’s going on in my head.

I also wish I could stop getting my ass kicked :frowning:

I often wish i could undo an action normally after selling stuff.
Maybe if after you sell something the buy price for that item would go down to the sell price (limited to the number you have sold that turn) so that if you make mistakes you can correct yourself


I agree with Aran. Maths wasn’t my favourite school subject.
I propose that once per turn a player can undo all of his actions!
Anyway I find so frustrating the Slaver, he’s too strong. Why don’t make possible his slavery only if he damages the enemy, like the Scrounger?
That’s all. I love this game so much.

I wish there were a time limit between 24 hours and 8 hours, for sleep purposes. I think a 10 hour turn would be great, but it would be odd to have to have the schedule shift each day. Maybe 12 hours would be optimal? It ensures that the game keeps moving, but you’ll never have to set an alarm to make sure you are awake for your turn.

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Thanks for bringing this up @Bessel! A 12 hr option definitely should be / was in there but seems to have diappeared! Will fix that today.

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I wish I could see the amount of gold I have without having to go into the market screen. A lot of times, I plan the math out in my head, but it’s a lot of extra clicks to go back and forth to see how much of one resource I need, how much I have, and how much gold I have.

I also wish that there was an option on hiring of Buccaneers where, if you do not have enough resources to hire said buccaneer, the game brought you to the market screen where you can buy the resource if you like.

Finally, I would really like to be able to see what buccaneers I had on each ship in a style similar to how you can see the stats of all your ships in the one screen. I often find myself forgetting how many buccaneers on each ship, where my pointers / slavers are, etc

I wish I could move the port from one side of my city to the other!

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I wish my settlements could fire. Maybe when they get to a certain size, say 4, they can fire on passing ships.

Would be cool to control certain routes (and set up strong perimeter) and make some towns really worth fighting over.

I wish I could see the full map once a match is over. It’s not that important, just something I’d be interested in seeing.


That would be a great addition, and easy for us to add!

I wish the trade dropdown didn’t reset to the top each time you schedule a trade!

Do you mean the list of player names @dakotahawkins? What would you prefer it would do?

Do mean to order them to fire, or to automatically at passing ships @Carl_Rhinestone ? It’s something we’ve talked about, and it would be interesting to put that ability on a certain level settlement. It would give more incentive to build the settlements to higher levels.

Not automatic cos you want to be able to let allies pass

@IHG-BlightedPea I mean if I want to make two trades to the same player, I’d prefer the dropdown stay on the last player I selected. Currently it resets to the top of the list.

Ok, that makes sense!

I wish I could attack from a settlement. If a hostile ship is camped at my dock, I don’t think I have much recourse except to send a ship from somewhere else to attack it, is that right?

@JayKyburz - re: moving docks - I was definitely going to recommend this! It should either be an option to choose where you want the dock when the settlement is built, or have the ability to move it. It could be a free move, or cost wood/food to move.

Are ships only produced in the same tile each turn? I thought it was random!

If it’s not random, is the port created on the space where the ship moved from to create the settlement? I guess that wouldn’t work with Ballooners. Hmmmm…