BBB - I wish I could


Thanks @lichuckles, a lot of great ideas and feedback in there!

Interestingly, we did previously have a Blocker that blocked a settlement from harvesting from a hex, but it wasn’t quite working out. We could definitely consider adding a Buccaneer that blockades a settlement when you’re in its port, in future. We’ve talking about healing/armour Buccaneers too.

NPCs, undo buttons are on our to-do list.

Levelling up Buccaneers is a cool idea too! Keep the ideas coming!


What about Blockader which blocks 7 hexes - the one it’s on and the six surrounding the ship?

If you do Blockader blocks settlement when it’s in port, then hopefully port movement costs resources.

For Leveling Up Buccaneers, I’m thinking a mixture of seniority (how many turns the buccanner was alive, maybe how many younger buccaneers are on its ship) and some kind of XP (how often the buccaneer gets to use it’s ability, maybe a max of 1 XP a turn so that bossers or certain combat buccanners get crazy amounts of xp by attacking a stack).

If every type of buccaneer gets a level up, then you can make a basic progression like “Lil’ Bosser” -> “Bosser” -> “Big Bosser” and standardize the bonus effect. Maybe it gives an extra bonus. Maybe it gives a related bonus. But it can’t be too complex, I don’t think, since we already have a wide range of basic abilities attached to the buccaneers.

(One thought would be to take some of the stronger buccaneers and move their stronger parts of their effects onto a separate stage. i.e. grappler’s ability to block upgrades could come at Level 2 “Grappler”. Or a chipper, slaver, etc might start by only effecting the “defending ship” of a stack, but once upgraded they can affect all ships.)

If you have Hero Buccaneers then they can have a short upgrade tree, which lets them pick up effects from different buccaneers as well as maybe unique bonuses?


Early on, we had an idea to have XP for the ships and to feed that into hiring Buccaneers, but it didn’t eventuate. I like your idea of each Buccaneer having XP and levelling up their skills. I like the idea that your Buccaneers have to use their skills to level up. Hero Buccaneers would definitely be cool, especially if you can steal one off someone else!


So just brainstorming ways buccaneers can gain XP then! For sake of simplicity probably only a couple should be used. For aesthetics I’m imagining normal have a black border, level 2 with a silver one and max level with a gold border.

Alive! - Buccanners gain XP for each turn they exist
Seniority - Buccaneers gain XP for each younger buccanneer on their ship
Aye Aye Cap’n - Like Seniority except only the “captain” of the ship gets seniority XP.
Battle Scars - get XP for participating in battle
Expertise - get XP for using their unique skill

Also, just had an idea to standardize ships moving into the same hex? What about the ship with the least stats gets to move in first? Originally this was “ship with the least armor” The basic idea is that the ship is the same ship, but they keep putting more crud on it so although the goblins can still drag it around at 1 hex-turn, it’s less manuverable and can get outpaced by less burdened vessels. Mechanics wise, it’s another boon for fleet-style over Ship of Doom style fleets.


I wish I could set up recurring upgrades, for instance upgrade the attack of a specific ship in all turns, rather than just this one. This would reduce this tedious aspect in large games, just like recurring trades already does.


Thanks for the ideas @lichuckles! Good idea about letting smaller ships move first!

Recurring upgrades is a good idea @ruisselet, I’ll add it to the list of UI improvements, thanks.


Some cool ideas in this thread. Sorry I’ve been away for a while.


I wish I could…
-block a player from joining a game I’ve made.
-or make the game restricted, so that other players would have to request to join.
-or perhaps a way to only allow players with a certain win percentage to join.