BBB: Improved info


There’s a few new interface features in BBB, to help you manage your empire and compare how you’re going in the game.

The Trade screen shows trades that you received and sent in the current turn.

The Settlement and Ship summaries show where you are upgrading, hiring, and building. The Settlement summary also shows your settlement’s total harvest (in Gold value), as well as the harvest level.

The Pirate summary can be sorted by total points, Buccaneers, Bounty, and Boom! by the button at the bottom of the panel.


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So I guess in BBB there will have to be PANT SOUNDS!


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I noticed the first two changes when I logged in this morning. I wasn’t aware of the third change, but I’m all for it! I think all 3 changes are excellent additions.

The change that allows me to see what upgrades are going on at each of my ships in one screen is INVALUABLE.


Nice interface improvements, thanks!

The “Dispatched” is slightly confusing at first, what about renaming them to “Sent last turn” and “Received last turn”?

I find it strange that trades are public (in the event list), it’s revealing information keeping it secret could allow for more surprises. Could they stay there but be visible to the involved players only?


I go back and forth on the public info @ruisselet. On one hand, I don’t want people seeing what trades I’m making. On the other hand, it could be useful subterfuge…


Great changes!




@IHG-BlightedPea - I’ve noticed a bug with this new feature that only appears in the mobile app (I’m on Android). Sequence to reproduce:

  1. In the Menu, click Pirates
  2. Sort by any of the 3 new items (Bucs, Bounty, Boom)
  3. Try to click on any Pirate to pull up their specific stats

At this point, none of my clicks on the Pirates do anything. If I close the Pirates window, and reopen it, I can click on one of the Pirates as long as I don’t do any sorting.

If I repeat those same steps in a full browser on the pc, I can click on the Pirates after sorting by the Bucs/Bounty/Boom w/o issue.


Thanks, I’ll take a look!


We think this might be a more general issue with touches on Android. But I’ve changed the Pirate summary screen and the problem shouldn’t happen anymore.

But you might find that the issue still happens on the ship and settlement summaries (listings of all your ships/settlements). It should work though if you just use a longer touch. These are sliding panels - there’s more buttons if you swipe left. They don’t seem to register short taps properly on Android.


I’ve added this same feedback on the selection menus as well. When you select a ship or settlement (or stack), you’ll be able to see which ships/settlements you are upgrading or hiring on. Particularly helpful if you have a large stack of ships.


I saw that a little bit ago. Love it!