BBB mobile reviews


Hi BBB’ers!

If you’re playing BBB on Android or iOS it would be super super helpful to us if you could take the time to leave a positive review in the App Store or Google Play Store.

We’re also keen to hear any feedback that you have about these versions!

Thanks for your support!


I do love the mobile app. It’s very easy to use and looks just like the full browser. I’ll leave a review on the Play Store when I get back from vacation.

I have a couple areas that I’ve found on the app that aren’t as full as the full browser.

  1. I can’t call out specific hexes, ships, or settlements in chat / private messages. Or at least I don’t know how to do that.
  2. When clicking the ships or settlements button, it’s extremely difficult to get the app to respond to when I actually click on a specific settlement or ship. In mid to late stages of the game, sorting and clicking on things this way is the only way to manage my goblin empire.
  3. The back button on my phone / tablet brings me to the main menu - I always forget this and expect it to just back me out of the screen I’m on (like the message screen or a settlement screen).


Thanks @penguiniffic!

  1. Is that because the chat UI covers the whole screen?
  2. This is because of all the hidden buttons on that screen. We are planning to remove them to make it work better on Android. I don’t know if people use them at all (or even know about them).

  1. That’s a good point. We can look into changing that.

  1. Yes, the UI covering the screen prevents me from calling out hexes. If there was a way to find out the hex number, it would make it better as I could use that.
  2. I knew about the eye that took you directly to your ship, but didn’t know about the other buttons. I wonder if that would solve my issue.