BBB: New Maps


There are 2 new maps for BBB - one 3-player (Bermuda Trois) and one 4-player (Double Crossed).

I’ve got a game open here for the 4-player map:


Are special resources supposed to be offshore (not touching land) now?


Yes! Get fishing :slight_smile:


That’s interesting, and probably a good idea. Is it dominant (are most of them going to be away from shore?)

What if you’re not touching any of them when you start and you build a buccaneer and can’t afford a fishing one? (I have done this in this game, AFAIK. I could cancel the buccaneer but it would suck for that to be a required first step.)


Also, I can’t look for myself (though it just occurred to me to try) because the map images don’t load for the new maps:


Yeah, sorry, they are missing from current version. There are no land adjacent rare resources in this map!


Seems like there should at least be some land-adjacent serpents and pearls, even if that were the only types. Otherwise “buy a fisher first or you’re screwed” should flash on the screen :slight_smile:

Also I guess if there are serpents and pearls in the game it’d be pretty bad for only one/some of the players to be near them.


What about giving one Fisher to each player at the start? That would make sure new players don’t get screwed by that.


I had set it up so that the resources for fishing are in the middle of the map and equally reachable by everyone. However, I forgot that Jay setup the rare resources to shuffle each time a map is started, for increased replayability.

Hiring one fisher at the start or starting with one fisher doesn’t make that much difference in the map. You could just build up your economy and start trading for those resources. It’s quite a challenging map either way.


3 and 4 player maps! Yey!


Just got destroyed by Pea on the 3 player map, got into a fight with the other player and Pea quickly won. You can’t afford to get into a long battle in a 30 point game.


I think that is the first game I have won! I was fighting both of you, then decided to stop attacking the other person and focus on you as you were closer to winning.

It was fun with everyone fighting everyone though! And with just 3 players it moved fast!


My main ship was on top of the triangle and I ended up putting a lot into keeping it alive, was trying to focus too much on attack and not enough on my own economy.

1st game that I got through in a timely manner, really enjoyable compared to 6+ people games.


Here is a preview of these maps (online now too):

3 Players: Bermuda Trois

4 Players: Double Crossed


Lots more maps!

Dragon’s Nest - 2 players

Triskelion - 3 players

Maltese Crab - 4 players

Extra Marks - 4 players

Waka-Waka Islands - 12 players


Here’s a test game of Maltese Crab (4 players):

Fun fact: I was going for a Maltese Cross, but that is hard with hexes and it ended up looking more like a crab!


Just don’t make a Quadskelion!!!


Yes, Jay commented on the resemblance.