BBB - New Post Combat Abilities Phase

Hi Everyone!

I know there has been some weirdness with how the “on attack” and “on defeat” abilities have been playing out, especially with the new Buccaneers that went in recently.

So I’ve added a cleaner post-combat-abilities phase where all of these abilities will go into effect, after all the damage has been done. This will include the Dredger, Slaver, Chipper, and Grappler.

So we won’t get situations where your ship is Dredged before it can attack, or where your abilities don’t fire for whatever reason.

If your ship participates in a combat where there is a ship that can be dredged or Buccaneers that can be slaved, you will go into a random draw with any other ships that might get this booty. So there will be some randomness if there are multiple ship eligible, but you will still have a chance to get the loot.

If you get Grappled by a ship that subsequently sinks, you will no longer be grappled.

There is a still a situation where a target will be sunk before every ship ordered to attack gets its attack in, whereby you might lose out on a chance to get loot. This might change in the future, but we’ll have to work out exactly how we want this to play out.

These changes will be in the next release. Thanks for all your help testing!

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Sounds good, I like the randomness.

Noticed this today: captured a town with a ship with a grappler, town stayed grappled. Is this expected or would you expect your ship to no longer be grappling your own town?

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I see the “grapple” thing as a kind of debuff, so for me it would make sense that it would stay for a turn.

If you have a ship A with a Slaver attacking ship B with a Chipper, is A always chipped first, then the Chipper slaved from B to A, or is it (randomly?) possible the Chipper is slaved first from B to A, and then chips B?

Intuitively I would think the first way (always doing slaving last) would be more fair and balanced: each buccaneer gets a chance to act for its original owner.

In my experience, the Slaver is always last - everything else has to resolve first. I have seen where a ship with a Chipper attacked my ship with a Slaver. The Chipper chipped my armor, and then I stole his Chipper. =)

Chippers always get their chance to chip, so do dredgers, and grapplers. Slavers have their chance to pull from ships before they are killed/dredged. It’s a bit of a complicated process as to how it actually works, but everyone gets their chance to do their power!