BBB - Scoring on Turn Replay?

Hi there, noticed while playing a custom game with some friends that the turn replay doesn’t show the points scored at the end like it does in Skirmish games. Also, it’d be awesome to see this info in the turn notification email, both the leaderboard and who got points and for what last turn.



Hi @stmack! Do you mean the turn summary that comes up at the start of each turn? It should come up in multiplayer games as well. You can also see the points awarded each turn by looking at the list of Pirates in the game then clicking the button at the bottom of the list that says “Pirate Points”.

It’s a great idea to put those details in the new turn email too. I’ll add that to the list!

I don’t think I’ve seen that in my game. It just comes up with the updated map after a refresh, no summary. I do keep the game tab open (pinned in chrome) if that has anything to do with it.

I’ve got some code in there that forces you to see the “pirate points” screen until you explicitly dismiss it. I’ll have a test and see if I broke it.

Update: still working, but I dont really shove it in your face. If you you do a double refresh you will not get it. The first refresh will tell the server you have seen the screen, then the second will assume you have seen it.

I could change it so you have to actually click on that play button, before it will go away.

I’ll pay attention next turn to make absolutely sure. It’s usually done it’s (maybe too frequent?) timeout thing where I’m forced to refresh to see the game again, so I’m on that screen and I click that refresh.

yeah, that should do it.

Hi Jay, thanks for the response! Sorry, I didn’t realize the Pirate Points button was there, that’s the one I was looking for. I’ve never seen it pop up in my custom game though, only in Skirmish.


Seems to be showing up properly now in game, awesome!

Yeah I’m getting it as well. Now I don’t know what to think, maybe it was always there :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that you didn’t notice it there before!

We’re changing the Replay button to Results and it will bring up the pirate points summary and you can press “Play” from there to watch the animations, just to make it a bit easier to get at that info.

I’d suggest different text from “Play”.

“Play” sounds like “OK, yeah, I want to play the next turn.” instead of “Replay the previous turn please” :slight_smile:

yeah, this could be better!