BBB Wiki


So… um… I just now joined the forums (this is an unofficial “hi”) and recently joined BBB and really love it. As this seems to be a new game (not actually sure about that) I decided to make a wikia for the game, allowing a page of information that others don’t know and I also probably don’t currently know. This could include information about buccaneers, strategies for expanding, strategies for diplomacy, etc.
As I’m too lazy to do all the work and I have a high chance of missing a lot of things, I am posting this so you guys can contribute.
I don’t actually know the rules about links, but I hope it allows this:

Oh wait it changed the formatting for that link, so I assume I’m fine.
ANYWAY, feel free to make new pages, edit the page I made (about resources, also I need some formatting for pictures) and especially edit the home page (it sucks).

So if any of you have something to contribute and would like to, please do that! Thank you!
(another unofficial “hi”)


Thanks @pajrc1234 and welcome to the forum! Hope to see you in a game soon!