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So I had another go at my ‘no terraforming’ thing. And here it is:

And to see off the 5th season of GoT, I related it to that.

Like I said, you can’t research terra (but it starts at lv3)
Exp is cheap, manu and weapons are very expensive.

No FA, Real Time, and at normal speed. E-I-S at cheap-expensive-expensive, but with plentiful resources.

I don’t really know what to expect, because the last game didn’t go off right, but it should be DIFFERENT, so let’s leave it to fate.

Just got through Cycle 1, a few hours ago.

Ugg, sorry I missed this one. I really want to know how this game works out because I would like to cut terraforming at some stage in the future.

I would love some regular reports. Especially about how much things are costing towards the end of the game.

I think Terra plays a “good” role in the game - would strongly recommend you keep that around.

If the game creator doesn’t want it to play a role, they can set it up for that game so not researchable … but be a bummer to penalize everyone by removing it.


I think it is OK to keep Terraforming. It forces the player to consider various strategies.

I too do not immediately see the advntage of removing terra. Personally, I rather like that tech in the game.

I’m not a huge fan of how terraforming basically “levels out” the quality of stars in really big games towards the end. I would like good starts to remain good all the time.

I’m still planning on doing the new version of banking and experimentation so that they work more like manufacturing and scale better.

I hear you on the “levelling” out … but again, that mostly comes into play for high/long games … and one can do stuff like make Terra crazy expensive … or not available to upgrade at all.

I assume you are re-scalling Banking and Experimentation per the threads from about a year ago - I certainly would suggest that is a higher priority feature request IMHO.

Its all the same blob of work I think.

Make the old Banking Experimentation and Terra optional, add New Econ and Science tech. Test!

I will get to it eventually!

Is there a reasonable way you could code in to make lower quality stars max out after x number of ticks terraforming? Or throttle it’s price so costs get ridiculous the worse the star is?

well the easy way is to just play without terra I think :smile:

Sorry, I missed cycle two. This is the current coloring of the map after cycle 3.

At the moment, as stars are being occupied and Economy is cheap, cost for Economy upgrades are really low, like less than $5. Industry and Science are set at expensive, though they still cost the same as if in standard settings.

We just got through Cycle 5, in this game, and I found out something quite interesting. I was checking to change “Research Next” to whatever bonus I got from the pay. And saw everything was at “0” points except what I’m researching right now. So I checked events and found this:

I know this game has been set to have no Terraforming research, but that doesn’t mean, you have to waste the experimentation bonus on it.

So Jay, I hope you can fix this.

This has come up before - it’s intentional - sometimes your scientists goof up! :wink:

Oops, couldn’t check in on my own post :sweat_smile:
This is how it looks on cycle 5

@JayKyburz I really agree with coming up with a new terraforming idea. Good luck :smile:
@Hulk Really? Okay, I kind of think that’s pretty silly… I’m with @Starfleet here, you shouldn’t be wasting exp on something you can’t research.

This happened to me too! E llioT, on the first rounds.

It was very lame ;/

I’ve played a bunch of games and never had it happen before… I doesn’t feel like a “goof” feature, If feels like it has to do with terra being off in this game variant.

Cycle 6

@Kavanavak still leads. Yellow circle and yellow square are being eaten up (by who knows who) and cyan square is pretty much over with.

I really appreciate how only one player went AFK so far, thanks guys :smile:

Personally, I haven’t really found the locked terra to be a problem yet. Science is getting higher, yes, but so far I can manage without a problem thanks to the cheap econ.

If you really want to stop the stars from leveling out, you could make terraforming multiply the star’s initial resources rather than adding to them.
Something along the lines of:
“All your stars natural resources are improved to (X*Y)/5 + Y rounded up, where X is your terraforming level tech and Y is the stars natural state.”

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I missed a lot, and the game is going really fast :smiley:

Imix already at 110 stars O.o

I haven’t, personally, found the locked terra to be a big problem due to the cheap infra.

Almost over. Imix lk seems like he’s going to win for sure…
It really did go very fast… and not too many problems with the locked terra for me.