Be Ye A Pirate?


Avast ye captains and scallywags of the briny deep. Tis almost September 19th, so I be creating this map fer those of ye who be pirates to help celebrate talk like a pirate day. So I dusted off The Great Skull Map an just ask that ye give yerselves a proper pirate name an keelhaul yer neighbors. Arrr.

Captain (Keelhaul) Magee


That be a fine idea matey, Mad Crow McRum’s gunna cut ye all up.

One more thing, Why are pirates called pirates?

… they just Aaaghhhrrrrr


Ye be treading risky waters mate, a 32 captain map with trade scanned disabled?


Face palm I screwed up. remade the game. link at the top is fixed. got it before too many joined. :frowning:


Argh…the Corsair Princes of Avior snarrrrl…Ye be all a mutton for our victory stew!

Charge me Laddos!


This game needs more captains!


I’ll be signing on ye list of pirates and buccaneers, arrgghh!


Meanwhile, in this Pirate game; sometimes the stars (and even player colours!) align, and well, my inner teenager just couldn’t let this one pass * childish snigger*


Game is over. the Scurvy Ahab won the pirate flag.