Beacon of Light Recharge Time?

How long does it take before I can drop another Elf unit on the Beacon of Light?

It feels like this guy should be ready for another drop, but it just shows black in his timer:

The “Age Button” reload trick doesn’t change it. Is he limited to a single drop per location?


Yeah, thanks for the reminder. I need to improve the interface there a little. It would say restoring if you could not deploy there.

Does he have a timer? If so, how many hours after use?

6 hours I believe. What does the card say?

edit: I see the card is not helpfull. I will log a bug for @BlightedPea to update them.

Yep, it’s 6 hours.

His text is still dark, but I was able to place a unit there. Might be nice if it said “Ready” or the like.