Beserkers Not Working Correctly?

@JayKyburz, @IHG-BlightedPea

I’m in a game right now (hard, Queens Maul) and I cant figure out if Beserkers are working right. The fist I deployed near the outset of the game seems to have scaled correctly.

No. 2 deployed about 24 hours into the game and Forest Rage already gave that new Beserker a 110+ power bonus. At this point I assumed that Forest Rage accounted for ALL elves actions, including those earlier in the game, If thats true then all Beserkers should be the same power unless there are secondary bonuses (right?) – but thats not the case,

Currently Beserk no 2 is nearly at No 1’s power level (only 15 points off) despite being 24 hours younger.

No. 3 just deployed about 30 mins ago, and he auto started with a 20 pnt bonus due to Forest Rage.

Are these guys working right? Any insights into how their power increases? Perhaps they are missing some powers?

Were they in your hand for a while before you deployed them? At the moment, the cards in your hand get any applicable bonuses, but we decided that this is a bug and we’re going to fix it soon.