Best of luck to you all

Damn guys. I was so hyped about the return of 64 matches and getting back into the old glory and establishing rapport with new players in a tried and tested setting and reconnecting with the old players that left along with the 64s.
Instead my experience has been very lacking and utterly unlike the good old days.
For the new guys here’s some tips on how to play 64s now. Get as many allies as you possibly can, and then team everyone else. Maybe they manage to pull together as many as you do and give you half a challenge, far more likely they dont and hey you won because of your 7 player alliance and you even still get the badge. mmm that hollow victory feel, awesome.

In both 64s and Proteus, large alliances are now the standard and 32 matches are to blame for it. Before them, an alliance NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER exceeded 4 players.
IF anyone was foolish enough to form an alliance larger than that. ALL the other alliances (yes there used to be more than three in one game) temporarily joined to punish them for messing with the balance of the game. They were then remembered as untrustworthy and likely rewarded a toxic for the audacity to mess with such a magnificent game with infinite hand holding and mass income feed.
NOW its standard practice, and hell you better get on board if you want to have any chance of seeing the top 3 (no not top 8, THREE. all in excess of THREE receive NOTHING at the end). Or even enjoying what you’re playing at all.

Ive persisted regardless and yet find myself continuously throwing games in those i am like to win. Because i have 6 effing allies to combat the enemy alliance comprised of 8, and im the most active and the “stats God” and had a nice starting position and newbies like to feed and cede to impressive badge collections. SO i just switch to trolling and then quit. I just dont care now. And 32 player winners still have conqueror badges that it used to take months of skill and persistance to acquire.

Im sad to say that after Theta Kraz i am permanently retiring from neptunes pride after 6 years. I have no interest in 8 player games, and Proteus though mildly promising still has some features that exist purely to “not be like triton” such as the nonsense carrier scaling cost, along with the exact big alliance crap happening there. If you see Brands 20 plus red trophies. Shame him for it. He forms 8 player alliances in a 16 player game, selected purely by positions that wont hinder his own expansion, and will perhaps aid it. Manipulating people is my bread and butter, but id never stoop so low as to completely ruin a game for other players.

Hope you guys all live long and happy lives, im starting the best job in the world on april 4th so it all times out just fine. Take care dudes

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Pity, thought you might become an active contender in the NP2 1v1 universe. Usually no mass alliances there :wink:

works heroically to unite the galaxy against the dominant alliance in Theta Kraz

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Hahaha true thats not a bad idea. Just… is there any badges involved and do the victories even count in your profile and give you rank? I need rewards! This is why i have so much scorn for all the allies that help aid the top 3 without getting anything for it. Who plays a game to perform services for strangers?

1v1 victories are added to your stats as usual. Badges will come eventually when Jay has some more time. They’ll be given out retroactively based on all official 1v1 games played, so good idea to get cracking already. And of course there’s always the 1v1 ranking to climb.

Hey Slicertos, if you are still interested in games in the same vein as Neptune’s Pride you can always try out Solaris @ It is heavily inspired by Neptune’s Pride but with an extra twist and is under active development.

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Cheers man ill check it out

im sorry you left before i got to know you. I am happy for your new job. I hope it brings you joy.

this is coming from a Newbie.

i dont know what it was like in the good old day. Me myself i just happy to be “old today”.

I play this game for one reason only, it is for the battles. what is best about this game is that it is so simply complex.
You only have three things to invest in. But the complex thing is how you negotiate with those around you.

What found most difficult when I first started out was, I felt like we’re teams joining together, and not giving a new player like myself a real opportunity to win. What I found out was that this is a smaller community then I could have realized, These individuals formed alliances quickly which I did not know how to do. Because of there skill and not because they came in as group.

I was recently in a game with one of what I think you called The Old Guard. He was upset because I played the game contrary to his beliefs even though my strategy helped him obtain a victory. But this is probably the same argument that’s been going on since the start of this game. Because it’s the same argument that’s been happening since humans learn to speak.

Maybe it was better in the good old days but for me in this day I’m actually enjoying myself not because of Any badges trophies or accolades but because I enjoyed the challenge.

Don’t get me wrong I really appreciate the badges and whoever wants to send me one I appreciate them more than you can understand.

I’m only writing this to let you know maybe this game isn’t as good as it was in it’s glory Days but I think it’s actually a great game. Maybe after 15 years from today I’ll feel differently but there will be some new kid that’s going to tell me how wrong I am, and this game is still great.

Chess it’s still a great game even though most don’t understand it.

May honor find you on the battlefield.


@Slicertos1 I thought you were leaving.

Also, your np email address is bouncing.