Best way to start a new game?


So I just played my first MP game (public), big threats are eliminated, and we have about 2-4 days of cleanup while we chase down the stragglers… I’d like to play another game, but I really don’t want to risk random teammates again.

About half of my teammates were actually playing. I’m sure everyone reading this knows what that feels like. The thing is… those three other players who were active got into it and we were cooperating and chatting and it was a cool cooperative experience.

So what’s the best way to start a game with people like them? There seems to be a community on here, so how do you guys do it? I was going to send the active players my personal email and set something up that way, but… it’d be cool if there was a way to find other active players who I haven’t played with before.


Right now we are just organising games here on the forums. Feel free to advertise your game and ask that only people join who will see it out.

Also, unlike Neptune’s Pride, you can get somebody to take over an open position in a game so if somebody does drop you could advertise here (or in your social media) for somebody to jump in and take over.


Sorry. I should also add that now that the core game is mostly done. Penny and I are going to start working on Clans so I hope there will be some interesting ways to get organised with that new tech as well.


Don’t forget about the Discord server. It isn’t used much, but it is a good place to organize something like this (assuming enough of the community idles in it or checks it out now and then).


Yeah, I was going to put a link to it on the home page.


Oh neat. I haven’t even heard of discord before. Thanks :slight_smile:

Clans would definitely be cool, but even a messaging system that persists outside of the games would be a great first step (assuming that would be necessary if clans are added anyway. hehe).

Although if this gets greenlighted on steam, then the Steam friend/messaging system itself will probably do the trick.


That discord link doesn’t work… Got a new one?


This one?


Hmmm nope… Still nothing.

If I try to copy/paste it manually, it says, it’s invalid or has expired.


with discord the links expire (by default after 24 hours) you have to set up how long the link lasts when you create the link (of course this may not be the problem), you can make a permanent link as well in the options


I keep getting kicked out of the room, I think because there is no activity in there.