Black holes and star movement

I have suggested this on the google+ community! but repeating it here.

How about universes which contain black holes which are gradually consuming the stars around them.

And universes where the star positions move during the game, just slowly moving over the course of the game.

Or singular moving stars, moving artificial star systems which wander around the otherwise fixed star field.

Yes, I love all of these ideas.

I was actually planning a spin off game at some stage where instead of stars, each point in the map was an asteroid spinning around a star. The asteroids would be clustered together and some clusters would spin clock wise, some anti clockwise.

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Could we just replace the “black hole” idea by a “supernova” idea (with the light shockwave sterilizing stars one after the other)? Black holes are so much not working that way that it would be wrong even in Star Wars.

Apart from that, loving the ideas.