Blight: Art gallery


Hey guys.

As you can tell by the massive Blight: Lore and Fiction topic…i’m a bit of a fantasy fan.
Meaning I read, watch and play a lot of fantasy media.
Among these trips throughout several fantasy realms I do come across a lot of cool artwork and go…huh, this would look exactly like it would fit in Alundria or in Bounty, Buccaneers and Boom!
And of course the actual artwork for the cards in Blight was what pulled me into the game in the first place.

So this got me thinking…why not open a art appreciation gallery?
Everyone can post/upload their favourite pieces of art or even better post your own fan art that makes you think of Blight of the Immortals or is about the game.

And to start things off, allow me to show some pieces I adore.

I’ll start with the dwarves of course. These two pieces from Warhammer are my favourites. I like the idea of dwarves being a solid defensive line holding back tides of the Immortals using steel and gunpowder.
Likewise the dwarven fortresses in-game always reminded me of the above picture. We see some of the structure above but below there is a whole rich world that explains why there are so many dwarves living in there and where all the money comes from.

Next up is a page from the comic book series called “Elves”. This series also has a series called “Dwarves”, each chapter is about a different character (elf or dwarf) set in that world and explores that nook of the world.
In this chapter I loved the artwork showing the humans and half-elves fighting off a undead horde in a northern land. It’s pretty much a Blight match where the drama of losing one city is dramatized very well.
It also makes me wish we had some snow maps to play in…coughintpennyandkaycough. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This one’s a Warcraft picture and it stood out to me for some time. Every time I see a Wolf rider card in Blight it reminds me of this piece. It’s just pure savage with volcanoes going off in the background, a crude club weapon, the snarling wolf…just a lovely piece of work.

Now some actual work of Blight.
I went for this lovely work of an elven village. I love how mysterious it looks and yet so typically elven.
I love seeing armies you can create on artwork like this. You can see a squad of elven archers plus an Ent in there, waiting for the Blight to arrive. It’s like the art is telling a story…or I look to much into things. A bit of column a and a bit of column b.

My favourite Immortal card. Just look at this thing. It’s a giant that eats people! Look how scary it is!
It’s gory and bloody, you can see the orc’s desperation to try and get out of it’s grasp before he meets his fellow’s same fate.
I love seeing other units in other cards, shows you Blight really is a shared universe thing.

I’ll call it here, I think I’ve rambled long enough.
If you guys got any art to share, lemme know. I would love to see some more work you guys found.