Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs

We are experimenting with a public Trello board for Known Issues and Bugs.

You can post in this thread or email me directly if you have a bug but cant see it on the boards.


I seem to have issue with my MAC browsers (Firefox and Chrome).

The screen only turn black and nothing appear.

Anybody else share the same issue ?

Thanks @SgtAwesome. The single player game was comply broken for about 4 hours after I sent the email. I was so focused on MP I forgot to test that SP was woking.

Was it just recently that you had the bug?

It only happen just after your update.
It’s all back now.
Thanks for your update.

Hi @JayKyburz

I’ve just found that when you create a game with a password, it seems the creation form allows you to create a game with an ! in the password, but when you try to enter the game, the password is not recognized. Is it possible that the password validation removes the ! from your entry ?

Thanks for the heads up.

when a beta game does not have all the players …the zombies start moving before all the player positions are filled…this makes the game unplayable

I hope this is the place for observed bugs. I just had one in a single player skirmish at Black Tree Bog were my sarpent charmer could not be acivated. Mana was payed, but i didnt get the money. An error message occured and asked for a reload, but that did not help. I reset the round (Mana i spend in the reseted round was gone, is that normal?) and the problem still occured. I did not have time to finish the match, but i thoughts its better to report anyway.
Thanks for that game :smile:

Thanks @HorstHasefunkel. I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know about the bug.

UPDATE: this should now be fixed. I also boosted the charmers power because I thought it was a little weak. She now generates 50 gold per settlement in 2 leagues and adds 6 hours to production timer. This is a net positive for most location now, except perhaps for the wealthy locations like the Dwarf and Goblin settlements.

The boosted power wont come into effect until the next time the character is deployed.

Do you have a bug tracker or is this the only place where we can submit bugs we find? I’ve spotted a handful of small things which would be nice to enter into a bug tracker for your later approval :slight_smile:

The sarpent charmer is working again.
I am now playing oakridge valley and just lost a group of Trolls in the immortal ent place called purple growe. I lost my trolls, since did not check the the numbers properly which was tactically great, because now the growe does not anymore produce these horrible immortal ents, but regular immortal trolls. Is that intended? Because for my match that is quite lucky, sacrifising one horde of trolls to change that spawn point into an easy one is a bit inbalanced.
Next issue, same map: I conquered a griphon settlement, usually the monster places i claimed, i paid the vailor and got the present monsters. Now i have to pay an additional 400Gold. Is that intendet and all the rest of the time it went wrong? Nive would be getting the first units free (for the valor paid) and then gain the possiblity to recruit more monsters for gold (which was not possible in any skirmish for me until now)

Another general question: how is the dwarfen artillary supposed to work? 0 strengh and 8 mana? I tested it and it does not do damage? Either there is a bug, or i need information on that card how i can do damage using it.

I’ve always resisted having a public bug tracker, but I think now that the games are a bit bigger and more complicated I need something better than just my text files.

Do you guys want to help me evaluate Jira. I want a hosted solution that will allow anonymous public reading adding and commenting on bugs, preferably no more than $20 a month or so.

I want it to be good if I’m going to move all of my todos and feature requests into it as well.

Actually, I think I’m going to have a public Trello board for both Neptune’s Pride and Blight of the Immortals.

You wont be able to add issues directly, but I can add a form in game that will allow you to log issues. I might try and do it for the public beta in two weeks!

Probably what happened here is that an Ent was spawned and it killed your trolls, but you killed it as well. In this case, you should not have burnt the Ent bodies. I’ll have to investigate.

You should have got them, there might be some new issue.

I see you’ve already gone down the Trello route, which I’ve not used before but I’ve got a lot of experience with JIRA (along with CWolf, one of the other players in my game) and it’s a fantastic tool. I don’t know how you manage your source code behind the scenes but the Atlassian suite of tools (including JIRA) all integrate together excellently. If you use BitBucket, you can get JIRA to automatically create new branches when you begin work on tasks and get it to automatically close them off when you’re done. Keeps the task/issue list up to date and I’m sure you can lock it down to make it publicly viewable but only yourself has edit rights.

I thought JIRA looks a little complicated for an end user to read and submit bugs. I use source tree as a visual git client, but I currently host with github but when I was looking at the bug tracking in bitbucket today I see they have unlimited private repo’s for free so I really should change.

I’m attracted to Trello because even somebody who is not super technical should be able to real what’s on my todo list and whats changes recently.

The most important question part is whether or not it works for me - but I think realistically, my todo list for both games has out grown text file and It would be handy for me to start tagging and categorising things.

With all of the solutions it is possible to have a form in game which simplifies for the user. At the very least it shouldn’t be your big reason.

If you are already using GitHub another option is to use their issue tracker (roughly explained here: Creating an issues-only repository - GitHub Docs and the API for posting from in-game is here: Issues - GitHub Docs)

From my experience at work where we use Jira you will switch from working on Blight to configuring Jira for quite some time…

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We use Trello for our project at work. It works great if you make use of the labels and filtering. I’ve found that its usefulness is based on force of habit. I’ve found labels seem to work better for dynamic statuses (e.g. on-deck, in-progress, blocked) and using the lists more for things like backlog, planned but unscoped, ready for testing, design-queue, dev-queue, backend-queue…

If you’re interested I created a Stylish theme for Trello so that you can use a certain naming convention for your labels and it organizes them as well as displays the label text. You’d have to use a browser extension.

Chrome Extension
Firefox Extension
Trello Label Override Theme

JIRA will always have a little bit of a mark against it in my mind because when working on Bioshock back in the old days we have 100+ developers working very happily in FogBugs. It was a core part of our development process for many years, but then a few months before shipping, 2k puts external QA on the project and forced us to switch from our beloved tool to the ugly, hard to use mess that was Jira 8 years ago.

Trello is looking pretty good right now.

I’m being kind of fussy about it because I don’t want two lists, one for me and one for you guys to look at, this will be my actual list for tracking and managing my own work.