Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs

Queen of lies has placeholder name and double spawn

In a map I’m in, a “Queen of Lies” Orc Hero Zombie was spawned. The name of the queen seemed like it was placeholder text.

You can see it’s normal name on the Warnings list.

When clicking on it you see the placeholder name.

Also as can be seen, 2 of them spawned for some reason. This is the same game that spawned 2 different heroes from 1 Mana Pool btw Iron Helmet.

Hey AutoBahnBismark, can you have a look in the javascript console and see if there are any errors. On Chrome you can find it under view->developer->javascript console

Would be much appreciated.

Yeah, there are two bugs here at the moment. For some reason, two bosses are spawning, and for some reason, they are merging when I have code that explicitly prevents them from doing so!

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The strange thing is that I can duplicate this on any system I try, even with an old IE9 browser. So if other people are able to get into MultiPlayer, it must also have something to do with a flag on my account–maybe that message about not having a verified email address has to do with it?

I managed to join a multi-player game yesterday with BlightedPea, but unfortunately I didn’t bookmark the game, so now I can’t get back into it.

Am also noticing this week that the DragonHelm power isn’t working like it was before. You used to be able to use it to arrest the movement of an army and it would change its path to the most direct route to the hero. Now when I use it, the target continues on its patch to the next waypoint, but then seems to head back to the hero. That makes the power less useful.

Here’s the game:

THat was it exactly. I removed the requirement for having a verified email, but forgot to remove all the code for it.

Thanks very much again for your help finding the issue. I wonder how many new players just havn’t been able to join MP this week :frowning:

I just tested this out and it seems to be working as it should - but I will keep an eye out for weirdness.

I did see a hero flee towards the scary elf boss the other day. It did not go well for him.

Merging lets you reset cooldowns if the main Card is off cooldowns

If you have a stack of cards that have a special like “Goblin Bows”, you can use a card, merge it with a card that is off cooldown, reuse the spell at an increased strength straight away.

Example and how to trigger

  15 Goblin Bows (Off CD)
  15 Goblin Bows (Off CD)
  15 Goblin Bows (Off CD)

From here use 1 skill

  15 Goblin Bows (12 hour CD)
  15 Goblin Bows (Off CD) [Will be main card when merged in next step]
  15 Goblin Bows (Off CD)

Then merge the CD one with a non CD one with the non CD one being the main card

 30 Goblin Bows (Off CD)
 15 Goblin Bows (Off CD)

What’s expected

Some ways I can think of is:

Cooldown cards should not be able to merged with cards into a lower cooldown or no cooldown at all card. So a 12 hour cooldown can’t be merged into a 6 hour cooldown card, but the 6 hour cooldown card can be merged into the 12 hour cooldown card and will result in a 12 hour cooldown for the new merged card.

All merged cards should automatically get the highest cooldown on spells between the two. So in the paragragh above, when the 12 hour cooldown card tries to merge into a 6 hour cooldown card, the resulting card will always end up with 12 hours cooldown.


I was not able to test if simply merging cards can remove cooldowns. For example, I did not test if 2 cards with a cooldown merged into 1, whether or not the resulting card has a cooldown or not.

I thought that was a feature, not a bug (seriously). The merge simply takes the value of the one card and increases its strength, it does not add them together or anything. That means that two cards that are near the end of their cooldown will not be off of cooldown when merged, the new card will still have the same cooldown value as the primary card in your merge. I have seen people mess this up and merge backwards. They took the card that was on cooldown as the primary card and merged in a card that was off of cooldown into it. The resulting card was on cooldown for the original time still.

A similar situation happens when merging armies with combat experience. If I take an army of 3 units with +5 combat experience strength and merge in an army of 50 units with no combat experience, the resulting army 53 units of +5 combat experience strength. I certainly don’t want them to be unmergable until they happen to be equal strength because that will probably never happen.

I like these two things the way they are now, as long as you can’t split them back up. Not being able to split them up can be a hindrance itself. Sometimes it forces me to use a spell that is way more powerful than I need for the zombie army I am targeting, costing me a lot of extra mana as a result. It also keeps me from attacking multiple targets like I could before they were merged. Those are something of a trade off.

Combat experience I can understand merging together because of experienced units teaching weaker units. But for spells, it’s incredibly over powered. Especially since a common card is “Goblin Bows” and it’s so easy to spam thousands worth of damage in a short amount of time. If you bring a strong group of zombies over near a goblin settlement, 3 x new Goblin Bows every 6 hours ontop of all that you already made means a massive amount of strong spell spam.

Here’s a match I did earlier to show how over powered this spell spam can be.

If I was abusing the system, I could have merged each bow into the one above it to get increasing damage in the first batch. Instead of 8, 9, 11, 8 kills (Total 36), it would have been like 8, 14, 22, 30 kills (Total 74 kills). If I merged the older group that did 27 kills ontop of that it would be total 63 vs something like 138. If the zombie group had been larger, my final attack would have been able to kill 90 zombies, just because I brought over a brand new “Goblin Bow” unit to it. A 90 zombie killing ability for 100 gold and 6 hours of time.

Only downside was mana cost really so that can be somewhat of a balance to how strong this merging reset is.

Here is the final card.

Hey @kuma_aus Thanks for the report, I think you are right, but I’m a little torn.

On one hand it just feels like an exploit of a flaw in the rules and make goblins seem much more powerful than they should. Elves too!

But on the other hand it I think it might be a cool “maneuver” you can do just once with each of your goblin cards to get a powerful shot fired off and perhaps save the day. You are then left with one really big card.

I’ll think about it over the weekend, but I think I would prefer if the game didn’t feel like it had this kind of exploit in it.

As Jay points out, it can only be done once per new goblin group, then you are stuck with a large group that fires just like the smaller ones, but now can’t target multiple armies (nuke one army (whether it needs nuked or not) and you are done instead of a lot of missiles scattered around smaller foes). It also takes as much mana as if you had been firing them independently. I currently have a group of elves that will deal 1704 damage but costs 53 mana. In this particular game, I never have that much mana but I do have smaller amounts now and then. If they were still separate, I could have actually fired one of the groups. (It also makes me realize that goblins use less mana per damage than elves (according to your screenshot), or they do at large groupings like your picture.)

Also, I don’t buy that 3 highly skilled units are training 50 unskilled units all the way up to their same highly skilled level like that (let alone a time factor or that real battle would normally be needed to get past a certain threshold; i.e. training can only do so much compared to actual combat). I’m not saying I have a problem with this, but I’m not buying that story for it being less of a problem than the archers. (What I see coming out of this though, is both features being nerfed, which is fair.)

Hmmm. Since I used this very quick burst to end a game, I guess I haven’t thought too much about how it effects much afterwards if the game goes on.

On the way it’s balanced, the mana cost is considerably high so that seems like a nice downside to it. The card I showed above was 26 Mana. Now if I was constantly merging it with new Goblin units every 6-10 hours, I would need around 116 mana (Initial 26 + 28 + 30 + 32) for 1 day, the amount increasing each day I abused. 116 + mana recharge a day is extremely tough and I only hit that much thanks to saving up for multiple days. And if I stop abusing the merging and just use it as a normal card, it will now start to suck up a lot of mana on a single card and make me less likely to use others.

Not to mention you need to bring over new units to the merged group constantly and if the main fighting is several days away from Goblin or relevant camps, it can slow down the process a lot.

Also I just noticed something, does the mana cost of a spell stay the same no matter how much troops is lost in a unit? This card I showed above was 26 mana. If I had lost 0 troops, the mana cost would have been 325 troops (1300 damage) instead of the 264 (1056 damage) shown on the card. So if I wanted to use this merging spells to the absolute fullest, I would need to make sure the merged unit and individual units didn’t get into any combat otherwise the MP to unit cost would have been weaker.

I can see how it’s somewhat balanced, and this would be a great strategy to use in some Nightmare difficulty maps.

Tangle Mage teleport doesn’t let you burn bodies at the location it teleports to


An allied player in a match I’m in used a Tangle Mage to teleport to a Mana Pool. On the Mana Pool there was a Gryphon dead body that needed to be burnt.

I am not 100% sure if the body was on the Mana Pool or not so it might need testing.

But now the units that teleported to the Mana Pool are on the move and the dead body is still there.

How to trigger

Have a dead body on a Mana Pool.

Use a Tangle Mage (Troll hero card) to teleport to the Mana Pool

Observed results

The dead body remains.

Expected results

The dead bodies at the location are burnt when the Tangle Mage arrives if there is no zombies at the location to fight.

Image of what happened.

Good spotting Kuma - I will add it to the list and get fix it up as soon as I get some time to do some work.

I was checking out the Trello and I noticed “a troll zombie boss walked right past a combat and did not join.” in bugs.

I had this happen to me as well, but it wasn’t a hero card I think, just a normal Zombie army. In my situation, I was at a settlement engaging in combat with a weak zombie, time until combat was around 20 minutes or so I believe.

The Zombie that avoided the combat was like 2000 STR and was headed my way. Just on the other side of me was another players Bridge Witch troll card that makes all zombies around it start to follow it. The player used the spell before the 2000 STR zombie group reached me and once the 2000 STR zombie group reached me, combat was still like 20 minutes away. Before combat started, the 2000 STR zombie had moved past my settlement and was on its way over to the Bridge Witch.

This was before the changes you made to zombies grouping up and there was A LOT of Zombies with like 30 STR around, so like Decemeber last year. So this might now happen anymore thanks to that change, but just posting this in case it does help you figure out the bug.

Thanks for the notes Kuma!

There is a typo in the email that goes out when you win a game.

Don’t forget to check out the leaderboard to see how we’ll you did compared to the other players.

The “we’ll” there should not have an apostrophe.