Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs

thanks Starry.

Did they ever start moving. I think in this screenshot you cast the power less than 15 mins ago an zombie dwarves are the slowest unit in the whole game. I don’t know off the top of my head what their move speed was, but i would not be surprised if it was slower than 15mins every step.

They have still not moved

Nor has the army that I left my knights nearby. But I’ll wait even longer to be sure.

I may be wrong here but I though I saw a similar bug a week or two ago
I came up with 2 theories as to why and planned to investigate further

  1. the 1512 stack is waiting to move as its still building strength from the undead rising
  2. the 189 stack is merging with the 1512 stack and this was deemed as more important than release the hounds

Also a these are still broken, fixed by refresh, no idea what the root cause of the bug is (I suspect several of them have the same root cause)

rarely giving a unit move orders doesn’t show until you refresh, but the unit will have moved by however much they should of
sometimes you can try to get stacks to follow each other who arent in the same 5% step, the game shows them as in the same group, until you update the data (the armies seem to need to be close to trigger this)
if you select a unit and cancel its current movement order and tell it to do the same order the timer shows as if you hadn’t canceled it, but when you update the data it will reset to timer that would of occurred for the 2nd movement command (ie later)
sometimes after merging stacks there are sort of phony amies with no units in them if you hit the d/f keys - just a small blue box

What language is Blight written in? How does it work? Can we have a post about that?

Hydra pools are coming up wonky in my settlement display. Basically, they look like they are on a timer to produce something, but get locked at the top of the queue saying “loading”

This game: Blight of the Immortals

Typo on Reaper’s Tally: “Soul Savior wins and additional Hero Coin” should be “an”.

playing with dad has been um illuminating
When setting a movement path If you don’t click the middle of the hex nothing happens, dad took this as something wasn’t working (he expected it to pick the closest hex I think).
I’m unsure if this is deemed a bug with blight or a bug with my dad.

Merging archers, if you have the mana for it, is super powerful and seems clearly unintended. If you have a stack of archers, you can tell one to fire, then merge it with another unit. The game takes the lower cooldown, so now the merged unit can fire again. Merge again and again and essentially one archer unit can fire multiple times a turn.

Great game! Couple of bugs and requested features for you:

  • Forge Urchin = says he moves 4 hrs / league, but actually moves 6 hrs / league
  • Wing Warrior = on the map his description is “Defensive Maneuvours” (not his actual ability)
    Requested features:
  • A list of all your timers, shortest-to-longest would be great. I keep having to click on towns, mana-pools, and units 1-by-1 to find out when their cooldowns expire.
  • Better feedback for events like the Master of Coin stealing your gold would be good. It’s pretty invisible at the moment.

-Not sure, but forge urchin moves 4 hours/league by road. So if he was walking on forest, plain or desert then he would move at 6 hrs/league
-Likely a bug
-A list of all settlement and mana-pool timers is available if you open the menu and select “settlements”.
-If you select the Master of Coin, it will show you when he will next use the ability.

It also shows in in map alerts on the top right; the little red “!”.

It’s actually been discussed a couple of times before. Basically that discussion came to -

  1. It still requires large amounts of mana to do that.
  2. You can only do it once, and then your stuck with that very big unit and not able to break it apart.

I have been a little worried about this in the past and I think it’s something we could address.

I dont think its a bug in your dad. I think it’s a perfectly reasonable expectation.

I could do a quick fix but I kind of feel like you should be able to select a specific point along a path and move to it. So for example, you could choose to send your wizard to 95% of the way to a node, but not all the way so that a passing zombie won’t kill it.

Thanks for the bugs Mike! Some of those issues are because we dont have very good tech for changing cards for balancing and you can sometime end up with two of the same card with different abilities. The wing warriors for example had their power changed over the weekend so there will be some weirdness on all existing wing warrior.

Issue again where compulsion is overridden by zombie ai

Ditto. I just had this happen to me.

You can see that the Dread Knight should be following my Dragonhelm Knight but that he is not moving. I think it is because one of these two zombie groups is overriding the compulsion; the need to stay and wait for them to catch up is stronger than the Dragonhelm Knight.

Thanks guys I will look into it.

There seems to be some kind of problems with auto routing and mountains move speed slow.

Auto Route leads though the mountain and ends up with a time of 1 day 1 hour.

Manually routing through roads ends up with a time of 22 hours.

Thanks for the heads up guys. I will look into these issues as soon as I can.

I’ve got two human heroes in my hand, but no human settlements of my own. If I try to deploy them, I am offered a Cyclops Standard belonging to a different player as a deployment target. Bug, or feature? :slight_smile:

I’m in this game here, and playing as the orange/red player on the lower right, below.