Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs

Gnostic Gnome can target himself allowing you to spend 4 mana. It doesn’t refresh his own cooldown though.

Incidently this allowed me to discover that you can still activate abilities after a game has ended at least on Chrome mobile.

I do this all the time, just for funsies. Usually I spam all my big wrath abilities (Storm Friar, etc) in celebration. heh.


Not a major bug, more an annoyance, but when you try to gather units preparing for combat, you get a message indicating that they’re not allowed to do that and then are forced to reload the browser. The game caught the rule violation, why the browser reload?


Thanks for the heads up Sparkster, sounds like there is some problem there,

So you celebrate the end of the apocalypse by starting your own?
Classy. :imp:

Not sure if this has been report, but I couldn’t find anything when I did a search. We wrapped up a multiplayer game and did not receive our hero coins. I checked with several other players in our multiplayer game and they did not get their hero coins either.


Hi @Rothan, could you post the game number? Was it a game that had ended a week or two ago and was restarted?

Hello Rothan,

I finally found this bug this morning. Thanks very much for reporting it.

If fixed you up with 25 free coins and a month of premium.


I’m working my way through other games fixing folks up with coins that need it.
Please email me directly if you think you missed out. (

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Pathing bug still a problem when near another waypoint.

Trying to move 1 waypoint:

Moving more than one waypoint:

I know that this bug is already reported and is likely being looked at, figured I’d just provide the extra screen caps.

I tried refreshing the browser, didn’t fix the mapping problem.

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There’s a cool new effect when you go look at Combat results! Unfortunately it’s kind of freaking out. Half of it is hidden offscreen, and it gets offset from the proper placement if the UI is set anywhere but Center, in the direction the UI is adjusted. In the screenshot below, the pointer is misplaced to the left by about a league and a half:

Additionally, if you scroll to bring the rest of the dialog into view, it drags away the rest of the UI along with it!

Thanks for the heads up on the pathfinding. I’m pushing another fix out for the path stuff now.

I forgot you could doc in the interface on the left or right. I’ll see if I can do something to keep them fixed on the bottom of the screen.

How upset would you be if I removed the ability to move the UI to the left or right. None of the elements are centering in the correct place when you do that either.

I find the centered interface extremely distracting. When I found the button to move it to the side I was thrilled.

Obviously I could live with it in the middle if I had to, but it would be pretty high on my list of things to fix in that case.

I pushed a fix to have those elements fixed in place (does not work in Firefox. ) And made it so the event notifications are at least in the middle where they should be.

I was in the game with Rothan and I also didn’t get my hero coins plus my bonus for bodies burned. Thanks

Sorry Omond, I fixed you up with 50 free coins!

The new card handling codes seems to be omitting the automatic refresh when you play a card. Cards you play now stay in your hand until you manually refresh the game data.

rgr, will fix asap.

I was just looking at this bug. The twins seem to be working in my tests.

I tested with buffed fortifcations and mutiple twin cards as well. I tested cases where they zombies were completly destroyed. I can’t find any issues.

ps: I never realised how awsome thes guys are. On a Dwarf forgtress with a master builder buff these guys are dealing out 500 strength damage attack, for every unit that arrives at the castle, at no mana cost.

just kind of tricky to use I guess

I also just wanted to say we discoved and fix this bug a few days ago.

It was possible for a zombie boss to pull all the zombies folowing the other bosses onto themsleves.

It was super rare and we really didnt undestand what was going on untill @BlightedPea had it happen to her.