Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


Yes, it’s global. I assume it’s because it’s hooked straight into your Collection, but it does make for some weird interactions between multiple games, as you’ve noticed.


I think there could be some improvements around this, perhaps you folks can help me think through the issues.

The problem is, you pay the 1 hero coin to show the three choices, but you dont get a card until you show select one, and there are a lot of things that can happen between revealing a card and selecting one. You might lose your internet connection, your browser might crash, you might just forget, or like above, you might choose to think about it some more.

What I decided was that, your three choices are global to your account, and the game won’t ever let you draft more cards until you have decided which of the three you want. If you decide from in a game, you get the choice in your hand as well. If you choose from the collection screen in your menu, the card is simply placed in your menu.


You’ve obviously thought a lot more about this than I have, but is there some kind of game token you can associate the draw (thinking through your presumed object model, this sounds like a lot of work)?

From an end-user perspective, your current flow, is almost ideal, with the exception of the corner case issues I’ve identified. From a programmer perspective (aka you), maintaining the current choice flexibility and solving the bug are going to be hell…

I’m going to sleep on it and see if any novel ideas pop up.

Apologies & Cheers,


Yeah, probably not crazy, but keep in mind a game can be deleted by its creator at any time, so I’d have to look at each of your half completed transactions and make sure the game still exists, if not I could force you finish the transaction on the menu.


If you’re using a PC then you can take a screenshot of any specific area of your screen by using the snip tool (Press windows key or click start, start typing “snip” it’ll be there waiting for ya).
If using MAC then I think it’s command+shift+4. Does the same thing without the extra program being open.

Just mentioning as it’s a fantastic way to grab screenshots without having to crop as much.


Yeah, I recently discovered this feature myself. It’s really useful for screenshots and such!


Bug: the new Valor system isn’t incrementing total Valor count when discarding a card, without reloading the Browser.

FYI, I’m running Blight in the Brave browser.


OMG, another browser to support! (At least it’s based on Chromium not Firefox)


Not asking for support, just mentioning it for possible QA needs.

That said, Brave is a wonderful browser, overseen by the creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.



haha, sorry, I didn’t mean to call you out. I’m sure it will pick up some good adoption over the next few years and we will need to give it some kind of support.

I’m wholehearted behind ad blocking. I think if publishes want to sell ad space the should sell the ad space themselves, and serve nothing but static jpegs from the same place as the rest of the content.

I think the Ad replacement stuff is a disgrace though. I’ll never surf the web using Brave.


Wow! I had no idea… I was just running it because it was fast.

The online ad space is complicated. My wife created a website called Cute Overload and at one point it had a tremendous amount of traffic and corresponding ads. I quickly realized that there was no way a small operation could handle the selling, managing, monitoring and monetizing of advertisements. It’s a scummy business, but we found a single ad provider that helped.

That said, I’m highly skeptical of what Brave is attempting to do.

Over to Vivaldi, from some former Opera guys, then…


Hey, Cute Overload is awesome!

I also got that same bug on iPad today.


Was awesome. While the site is still up, we stop publishing new content in January.


Not sure if this is a bug or a feature :-p.
When I merge units that have mana based cooldowns (like in my current guardians game) they refresh for me to use all three stacked. This was with all of the units still having hours and hour till they can be used. I’ve been loving it, but just checking to see if its intended. So given the mana, I could fire all three artillery, then merge two, and fire, then merge 3 and fire.


Working as intended!


This is the new merge mechanic. Pretty strong! I think it’s likely to be rolled back eventually, but it’s as intended.


We’re still thinking about the best solution. We don’t want the player to have to know the “right” way to merge to get the benefits. So they will either get a full refresh, a full timer to wait, or maybe a “merging sickness” sort of situation where you always have to wait 6 hours.


Why not just always give the new unit the lowest cooldown of any of the merged units, the same way the merged unit now gets the best available combat xp? Is there some technical hurdle there?


Diplomacy seems to be broken. When you click the New Message button, the screen just vanishes and a JS error appears in the console:

blight.789.min.js:15 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hyperlinkedAlias' of undefined
e.ComposeDiplomacyScreen @ blight.789.min.js:15
n.onShowScreen @ blight.789.min.js:10
dispatch @ blight.789.min.js:17


Hey @DrBwaa That might be a game specific bug. What game number you seeing it in?