Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


No auto redraw should typicall kick in when you go below 5 cards.

I assumed that the new discard feature was “discard a card to get a different card” for one valor… which is kinda what was happening when it was costing 2 valor to draw a card, and you would gain a valor for discarding a card.

My assumption was that since discarding cost 1 it was automatically going to draw me a new card, but apparently I’m mistaken.


I think that’s probably the intended behavior, this thread seems like the right place for this. I’d be surprised as well to find out that discarding would effectively reduce your minimum hand size. If you don’t get the automatic redraw, I don’t know why anyone would ever pay valour to discard.


So did you think that the feature was Pay 1 Valour to Discard & Draw?

Or that Drawing above your starting 5 card hand effectively increased your hand size, so that discarding or playing cards would always auto redraw?

Currently, you will auto redraw back up to 5 cards. Discarding doesn’t cause a redraw unless you have 5 cards or less. Similarly, cards that are deployed are not replaced until you have 5 or less cards.

We could change the Discard feature to be Discard & Draw for 1 Valour = pay 1 card and pay 1 valour for a new card.


I totally misread the initial bug report. This explanation absolutely makes sense and is how I thought it worked; Discard shouldn’t give you another card unless you are below 5.

On the other hand, changing it as you describe might make heavily multi-race decks more common, as you could bring more situational cards, with the ability to use them as “draw coupons” once they’re no longer relevant.


Thanks for logging this bug, @Gorvar. We’ll have a look at it today.


I think Discard & Draw could be interesting to pair with the Charming Rogue. Helping the Goblins a bit more with cycling through the deck. Also a bonus if you’ve already spent Valour or Hero Coins to draw extra cards.

It’s not what I think players would assume “Discard” means though, so we’d have to make it clear in the interface.


I thought it worked that way simply because the last system that got tested, discarding a card essentially allowed you to draw another card for 1 valor as opposed to paying 2 valor.

Discarding is definitely less valuable if it just gets rid of a card when you’re above 5 cards, and while I’m not saying it has to be the way I described (discarding always draws you a fresh card) if you’re going to keep the current system I’d like maybe an extra prompt before I spent a valor tossing a card, mostly because right now there is absolutely 0 benefit for doing so: It costs valor and gains you nothing.

I do think that discarding as a way to only spend 1 valor to draw a new card vs. spending 2 valor is a way to make discarding a way more useful feature.

I dunno if the term is copy-written, but in MTG they call is “cycling”


I think I’ll implement this today and we’ll give it a try. I really don’t like the current systems where you have to know the secret rule that if you have less than 5 your get one, but if you dont, you won’t.


I dunno how difficult this would be from a coding standpoint… but maybe if it ends up being too powerful, maybe discarding when you had more than 5 cards would be free instead of costing a valor?

IDC if people want to discard, but I shouldn’t have to spend a valor just to get rid of a card I don’t need.


Unsure if this is a bug, or it is intended.

In the crossroads game
my marsh wardens happily killed a bunch of undead, but did not hurt my people sitting on a mana pool. To my knowledge, unless the location actually has a fortification on it, the warden should attack them as well. Are mana pools considered safe zones, or was this a bug? I’m all for mana pools being safe from his sting if that was intended :smile:

Update: I just tried it again, and this time is was functioning correctly. But I am certain that it had not targeted my units in the past day or two


Thanks for reporting anyhow. I will keep an eye on it on the next few weeks to see if anybody else has similar problems.


Small issue here.

In this game “Jester’s Ball: The Defeated Banshee” I bought a Eldermage as seen in Blue Thicket but he’s not unlocked in my collection.
I may have accidently not bought him since I used ten coins to buy a guy a badge, cuz he saved my bacon that match, and didn’t have one coin left to buy the mage.
May I have the mage?


Can you email me Gorvar.


E-mailed you, dude :smiley:


Sorry Gorvar, I didn’t get to my email yet.


No worries man :smiley:
You got to it now.


Typo - when getting card from settlement and you buy it with coin, you get congratulations message. “… you got hero card…” and so on. Though, not all cards are hero, some of them are units. It’s really small thing, but when you see it, you can’t unsee it and keep bothering each time. So, may be simply removing word “hero” will fix it. :slight_smile:


A strange one: a unit of 98 elven archers, a unit of 24 elven archers and a Tree Whisperer completely disappeared on the tournament map. There was a battle four hours earlier (at WhiteSprings) in which all the named above survived, and I rushed an Elven Princess to join them. Once she got there, I made her the head of the army (in the middle of a pending combat) but then saw that the army was only composed of her and a Bounty Hunter. No battle histories showed any loss of those units.


And weirdly, when I advanced the time, those missing units appeared again, and the battle was won. Very strange.


Thanks for the heads up.

So, just to be clear, you grouped the guys under the Princess when they were in a combat, and they could not be found in her followers list.

Can you have a look in the combat report. Did they appear in the list of units that fought.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll have a look for the bugs on Monday.