Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


Here’s an exciting bug that might be kind of hard to replicate:

  • I had a stack of Goblin units in combat with a small group of zombie Trolls.
  • I used a Little Wizard to blow away the enemy army before combat started.
  • The leader of the group got bounced by the LW ability.
  • Now they’re all stuck in combat with no one in particular (picture). Refreshing the page does nothing. I assume the group will be released when combat “ends,” but still.


Thats an interesting one!

I’m presuming the bug happened because the game tracks armies by their leader characters, and it couldn’t find the goblins it when trying to find the battle/army.


I use The Tinker with Shaman Priestess’s ability can get money. But I use The Tinker with Cyclops Priest’s ability can not get money. Is it a bug or not? The two ability both can active Lord of Purgatory. So, I think two ability is similar.


Woah, The Tinker gives you cash if he’s in the same army as a Shaman Priestess?! I had no idea; that is an awesome synergy!


You would probably have difficulty if you were logged in at the normal site. If you visited kong in a private browser window it should work, but would would be a new account.


Did the combat end as you were expecting?


I’ll have a look into this in my bug fixed this week. Thanks again wifish!


I tried this, but I get the same behavior even when logged out of the main IHG site and/or in a private browser window for Kong. The framed-in page just reloads when I click Play Now.

Yes it did.


This could be working as intended to avoid making the cards too strong. But the Rogue Lord card does not get bonus to him when you use a “Pirate Captain”'s ability to summon a Rogue card.

Rouge Lord card

Pirate Captain card


When a Rogue Lord card is deployed, each time a Rogue card is summoned from then on, the card gets a bonus to his power. When the Pirate Captain is used to summon a Rogue card with Mana instead of gold at a settlement or banner, the Rogue Lord does not get his power increased.

How to reproduce

Summon a Rogue Lord and Pirate Captain card

Take note of the current bonus attack on the Rogue Lord.

Use the Pirate Captain spell to summon a Rogue card from your hand onto the field.

Observed Results

The Rogue Lord does not gain any extra power.

Expected Results

The Rogue Lord gains power if the Pirate Captain spell is successful in summoning a Rogue card.


Sounds like a bug to me. I will see if I can fix this and a few other things today.

Thanks agains @kuma_aus


When I use Spider Rider’s ability at Murky Garden, The goblins return wrong settlement.(Map is Prosperous Valley) Today I want to try use Spider Rider’s ability at a blight settlement, and find it.


Thanks for the heads up. I’m sure I fixed this one once before. I will try have a look tomorrow.


Need using two times of The Crone’s ability to remove Dread knight’s ability’s buff. Is it a bug?


I’m not sure what the crones exact ability is, aren’t those two seperate buffs cast simultaniously?
If so, it might be working properly.


Thanks again @wifish. I will have another look at this one on Monday.


Cloudlands(12P’s map) has a Invisible Bridge.


i don’t know if this bug has been said already or not but when playing on iOS ‘not the app’ after typing a message in chat most the time the page has to be reloaded to be able to touch anything on the map


Thanks, we’ll update to iOS10 later this week and debug all the issues there.

Thanks again wifish!


np what it seems to be is after you type a message the text menu flies up high above your window and the little arrows to scroll it down ether go invisible or disappear


I trained a army. Before training completed, I deployed a card at a Hydra Gonfalon. Then the settlement’s population became zero. After the training completed I get this.

After I reloaded, it disappeared.