Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


And as the new owner, I could also donate it properly. So the ownership properly transferred too.


Good catch guys. I will try and make this consistent during the week next week.


Multi-line map names overlap their difficulty text on the Public Game interface. Affects both Chrome & Firefox (haven’t tested anything else).


Oh, thanks for the reminder. That happened when I changed the font to look better on low res windows machines.


can say it also happens on safari for when you get around to it


A settlement that gets emptied and then has population returned to it may not be able to train that population as an army? It’s hard to say and this game will end before I get to see the result, but at the very least this doesn’t look right:


Did you ever seen that movement?


Was that after a teleport?


No, the teleport was done on 10d 6h 36m.
Anyway, the game is


Hello! The following seems to be a reoccurring issue in multiplayer games.

Bug: Undead army ignores living army. The combat preparation timer (and the combat itself) doesn’t start. The zombies and the living coexist in the very same spot for a while. After that the undead army marches away like nothing happened.

Possible cause: Unknown. (I have a suspicion that the Wolf Chariot’s preemptive strike is the culprit, but that’s just a guess.)

Temporary solution: Deploying a fresh unit at the same spot where the two army “chill” together. That will trigger the 1 hour timer.

Worse scenario (didn’t occur to me personally): The two armies pass through each other. Obviously, in that case the former method won’t work.


Thanks Seldonius. I will have a look into it as soon as possible!

So when you see it, it seems that zombies move into players, or does it sometimes happen when a player moves into a zombie too?


Sorry for my late reply.

I experienced only the ‘zombies move into stationary player’ version.
However, I heard about a case where an elven army was moving towards a city graveyard and the zombies appeared behind that army, moving to another village. So the other version seems possible too.


Do you know if all the affected zombies have the Dread Knight buff like they do in your picture? Is it possible that the Dread Knight is occasionally causing zombies to treat “in combat” as a buff that they can ignore?


I checked the event log of my other ‘buggy’ game, and there was only a Necro Lord in the combat vicinity, so the cause couldn’t be any boss related buff.


I don’t know if it’s a bug or a trick, but do you noticed that if you go to fight some blighted in a fortified settlement you have the fortification bonus only if you drop and then collect all the units?


That sounds like a bug. If there are zombies in the city you should not be able to defend the walls!


I’m still noticing this issue and wish it was fixed too :frowning:


Hi there.
There’s probably a problem here

Crone debuffed the Strange Siren buff on Goblins, but not the Lurking Terror buff. On the other way, the Crone debuffed the Swamp Prowler buff of the incoming Trolls, but not the Strange Siren buff.
So, this power works so randomly or it’s a bug?


The “bug” happened again. So I’ve to assume that the Crone doesn’t debuff all the buffs?


It should remove all buffs, though there have been some issues with the actual functionality in the past.

Also, Terrain buffs like Lurking Terror do get reapplied sometime around when a stack chooses its next move. I’m not sure exactly when this happens, but it’s possible that you basically just got unlucky in the first case (successfully removed both buffs, but then Lurking Terror got reapplied as the Goblins got moving).