Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


It seems that the Dragonelm Knight has some problems too.
I called the Dragon but he doesn’t want to move his buttocks.


Thanks again @JeanRenard!


I don’t know if it’s a bug, but it’s surely a strange thing that I’ve never seen before.
How it’s possibile that two bosses emerge from the same mana pool in the same time?


I didn’t know this could happen either!


Hi, I am not able to purchase the Hero coins or Premium packs.

Reaction after pressing button is this notice:
Access denied: You don´t have permission to access “” on this server.

Can anybody advise me what is wrong?


Right, it already works :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting back and thanks for your support!

Sorry I didn’t get back to you right away, we are on holiday this week!


Have a nice one, dudes!
Happy holidays!


It’s not just you! Another user has reported the random neutral units from other dimensions now as well: Neutral Units in long games?


Did you miss me? I hope so.
Anyway, there’s again a bug with the Hound Master.

As you can see, the 4356 horde don’t flee from him, instead it’s chasing him.
Anyway, it’s interesting to know two things:

  • there were two hordes leaving from Rams Park, the blighted settlement. One, the nearest to Northplain, was successfully driven away to Rams Park. But when the two hordes merged, they directed to Northplain, as you can see, ignoring the hounds.

  • I moved the Hound Master to Rams Park (but I don’t know if this fact it’s significant)


I’m having a bit of trouble with the Forest Dryad’s Forest Light ability as mentioned a long way upthread.

Firstly this Necro Lord and the army with him were effected by the ability, but then only moved one tile and stayed put where they were. They were still within range of the Dryad though I don’t think that should make a difference.

(TBC in next post due to image limit)


When I next used the ability, a whole group of undead just failed to be affected by it at all, and continued to move towards me (strength 3186 in the image below).


Thanks again guys. Now that those new maps are out I’ll make time for some bug fixing.


I’m submitting a fix for the stray units that appear in the bottom of the map.

What was happening was that, for the summon Mage and Rogue powers in the case where you did not own a location with the right population, the unit would be created, but not be moved to your location and given to you!

Thanks for all your help tracking it down.


There’s an update today with several bug fixes, including hopefully fixes to all the move compulsion related bugs! Please let us know if you see any weirdness in this new update, if the same problems persist, or if you see new problems arising!

Some other small fixes today as well:

  • Starting towns start “explored” and cannot be relinquished and re-captured for loot
  • Assassins won’t get web-trapped if they were in the same location as combat with spiders
  • Added tooltips on badges and achievements
  • Fixes for iOS zooming on double-taps, text inputs, and pinch on interface
  • Fixed text alignment on some cards
  • Screensaver doesn’t kick in if you are using interface (previously just map)

Thanks! There should be some more fixes to come soon, and hopefully some new maps too!


There is another update out now with some more bug fixes:

  • Tournament maps start with same setup each time, removed randomness during setup
  • Crone should always remove all buffs on zombies now
  • Living and dead armies should never cancel out of combat and pass through each other (this was caused by the leader of an army being killed by a charge / ranged attack after the combat timer started)
  • Removed prompt to draw more cards when hand is empty in Tournament
  • Fixed fortifications buffs betting applied when living are attacking a settlement (occurred when deploying cards into combat, and when grouping/ungrouping armies)
  • iOS app resizes display on orientation change

Thanks! Let us know if you see any issues with these changes, or any other bugs that need fixing!


We have had two queens spawn in our game. They haven’t merged though, they are off in different directions!


From the same pool? Can you post the game link?

That is the other great unsolved mystery of the universe :slight_smile:


I found it. What went into the pool?


I’m fairly certain it was just a single orc unit. They had an 88% of dying when combat was played. There was a standard troll unit sat at the pool.