Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


Thanks Maladoni. Could you have a look at the Events and see if there are more than one events for the pool being Blighted and for the Queen being created?


dragonssprings has fallen to the blight
The queen of lies has used seeds of doubt
The queen of lies has risen
The queen of lies has risen

So she triggered before spawning (twice).


Just noticed that on the messages box it displays up to 9 icons, so on maps with more players like Cloudlands there are some icons left out.
This was on desktop, by the way


Thanks @Vesuvium. I will fix that.


There’s a new update with both the bugs mentioned fixed now:

  • All player shields show in chat window
  • No more double boss spawns!

Let me know if there are any more bugs! Thanks!


Sweet. Cheers.


A couple of further fixes went into the move compulsion yesterday:

  • There were issues when the caster or target were followers of another unit
  • There were still some cases where it could go wrong at very close range

Hopefully it is all working now. Let us know if you see any more bugs!


Still seems to be an issue when the target is a follower. In the picture below, the DHK in the north has just cast Call Out the Dead on the selected 89 Zombie Humans, which had been following a Necromancer Lord. They stopped following him correctly, but they still went on to destroy Bloodsstead before turning around and chasing the Knight.


It also seems like there are still some cases where the shortest path from one place to another gets calculated incorrectly. The screengrab below shows the path chosen by the game if I simply right-click Swans Desolate. Obviously it’s faster to take the road for that one league instead. (Fountain of Wisdom)


Thanks @DrBwaa, I will look into it!


@penguiniffic found a fun bug with the goblin bows, or maybe with archers in general?


I’ve put in fixes for the move compulsion and the casting cost for units with low population. The fixes should be out later today. Thanks for reporting them!


Thanks for the quick fix!


When sending a card to another player, the Events log shows it costing 1 Valour instead of 2. I did not check how much Valour I actually paid. This is the game:


Thanks @DrBwaa. It looks like it is just an error in the message. I’ll fix that now.


Just encountered what looks like two bugs, but maybe they’re related.

In this game, I sent a Spider into combat with some Humans that had Orcs following close behind. All three stacks (Spider, Zombie Orcs, Zombie Humans) were involved in the combat.

However, when combat ended, two surprises happened. First, the spider grave was placed one step beyond where combat actually occurred. And second, the Orcs weren’t trapped in the web!!


Wow, thats strange. I’ll make a note and try and have a look some time soon!


There’s a UI bug with combat “naming”. Basically, I think combats are “named after” the settlement that the first mortal unit in combat most recently occupied. This can cause some weird situations when armies are roaming over sparse maps, because the combat log shows “Combat Near X” when the combat actually took place three leagues away, just outside settlement Y. I’d really expect the combat to be named after the closest settlement to the combat location, instead.

For example, in the shot below, the combat is named for Rabbits Moss, even though that’s two leagues away (hidden under the combat details).


Thanks @DrBwaa. That one should be an easy fix. I’ll make a note on the top of the todo list for next time we do a Blight update.


I’ve got another spider bug, maybe the same as the previous one. A Lich King led a group of Immortal Elves into combat at a spider web. The Lich was trapped in the web, but the rest of the Elves kept on moving (they didn’t even receive the compulsion debuff; the icon in the image is from a Bridge Witch).