Blight Beta: Known Issues and Bugs


Yeah, sounds like it could be related. Looks like I will have to dig into that code soon. @BlightedPea might have some time to look at it soon too.

I will make sure its on the top of the list.



I’ve got a new bug with the Mountain King. When adding him to an army that’s already moving, his buff isn’t applied to the current step. This causes the army’s total travel time to be 18 minutes longer than it should be, shown below.

Repro Steps

  • Give a Dwarven army a move order through Mountain terrain.
  • Observe ETA of 12h.
  • Observe Step length of 36m.
  • Add Mountain King as a follower of the army.
  • Observe ETA is now ~6h.
  • Observe Step length is still 36m (should be 18m).
  • 36 minutes later, the army takes its first step.
  • ETA is increased to 5h 42m (from 5h 24m) and Step length now correctly shows 18m.

Expected Results

  • Would expect the Mountain King’s buff to apply immediately, probably losing any progress on the current step (e.g. 5m into a 36m step -> Add King -> 0m into a 18m step).

Other Info

  • The correct behavior can be coerced by manually giving the army a new move order, then re-issuing the previous command.

This shot shows the discrepancy (though not as clearly as I’d have liked). The army is almost done with its first step, sitting pretty at 0% with 4s to go. You can see from the time estimate that the army has been “moving” for just under 36 minutes, so it should be at nearly 10% with the King in there.

A few seconds later, we’ve taken our first step, the step size is now correct, and we’ve “fixed” the ETA (adding 18m).


hrm, thanks for the heads up. I’ll have a think about what we can do about this one.


I am experiencing too some unexpected behaviour, with dryads. I cast Forest Light, however rather than fleeing the zombies simply halted. This is the second time I hit that stack with Forest Light, the first time they came to an halt in the same way, but a different stack actually fled.



@cleatoma found a fun bug with Hydras being able to join an undead Lord’s army and then follow it onto land…


There’s a bug with the forest dryad here that messes up it’s abilities.


Thanks for the heads up @OafishTeam

I’ll see if I can find some time to look into it sometime soon.


A few assets have recently started breaking; notably the Human Village icon in the Settlements Listing and the smaller Honor Reward images.



We havn’t deployed anything new to the server. Must just be a few hiccups on the server.


I’m not sure about that. It’s persisted over the last few days, and I’m seeing more issues. Still nothing critical, but various other assets are missing, including a few hero icons (e.g. Shaman Priestess).

Last night I also noticed I pretty big issue on mobile Chrome, which is that the pop-up interfaces don’t appear at all. Doesn’t seem related at first glace, but the timing is suspicious. Unlike the other one though, this is a pretty serious issue; it renders the game totally unplayable on my mobile devices (as you can’t give orders to units/settlements). See image below: I’ve selected the Swordsmen, but the popup doesn’t appear, so I can’t give them any orders.


Thanks for keeping sn eye out Dr Bwaa!